Azoth Travel is Broken

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Azoth travel is broken AF if you want to see how badly it is broken just over encumder your character by 6k or more then open the map and select a place to fast travel to.

1686 Azoth is absolutely ludacris esp since I can’t even carry that much.
Base Cost 50? That should be like 10, and the distance cost is 0 certainly its broken.??>…?


This forum is for bugs and exploits. Not for someone who fails to understand how the Azoth mechanics work, how to lower travel cost by forts and etc.

One cannot travel while encumbered and the more weight you have the more it costs.

Gathering and killing yields a good bit of azoth plus all of the other ways to gain it. Having multiple houses, even the cheap T1 houses greatly reduces travel costs, +azoth yield on bags tools, outpost rush, portals, wars etc etc.

Stop making a big deal out of nothing.

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the azoth system is garbage

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The azoth system is one of the few systems that actually work as advertised…

Is he pulling our leg here?

He is right tho.
You cannot have over 1000 azoth?.. why does it continue to stack azoth cost outside of it’s cap?


That is a good question like a lot of the math they use throughout the game…

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