Azoth travel not working

I can no longer open a vial of azoth. Has this been suspended?


what is ye?

because some smart people, salvaged thousands of vials with ctrl + c

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that is because “open” is no longer there as a choice

So…now will there be a “fix”?

cuz they didnt use "click on a vial, set 20 > open 20 > tada 1k azoth.

well it is disabled for 36hrs allready… kinda doubt they fix it till Monday ( American time )

Vesstan, I disagree with you completely. I did try to use this option as you said and it does not work. Also, I still have all my azoth in the vial and it will not let me get 1, 5 or 200. However, with that said thank you for answering me.

i said it is disabled, cuz there where many people doing this…
they opened thousands of vials instantly and after that cry in the forum that they lost their vials > ags shut down opening vials