Azoth's reduced cost makes the game even more unbalanced for the dominant faction, prove me wrong

Originated from the Portuguese language forum: Custo reduzido de Azoth deixa o jogo ainda mais desbalanceado para a facçao dominante, me prove o contrário

Azoth’s reduced cost to travel to a city of your faction makes the game even more unbalanced and I’ll put the reasons here: (Please read it all, you’ll see it’s worth it, it’s something that needs to be discussed!)

I used Google Translate to create the topic, I know it won’t be very good, but for me it’s something very important to leave it on the Portuguese language forum, please leave your ideas and criticisms about the topic

  • If you are not the dominant faction you will have to use azoth to be able to pick up items from other cities while those from the dominant faction can pull items from other cities of your faction, reducing not only the cost but also the time spent (it leaves unbalanced for a faction that is already dominant)

  • The time you will spend farming azoth will be much greater than that of the dominant faction because they spend less, thus giving them more time to farm and produce a lot more items than you do.

  • You’ll spend more time walking around doing quests in that territory, while those from the dominant faction will be able to use the shrines to get around faster, including reaching azoth faster in corrupted portals

  • Generally in the most important territories, if you are from the dominant faction you can walk with active pvp more calmly, being able to take advantage of the 10% boost, thus leaving even more behind those who are already weaker

  • When you need to craft something, you need to go to a certain city where you have the craft table at the required level, increasing the cost of producing a certain item, and obviously making you less competitive with the people of the dominant faction.

  • If you need to farm something, if it’s chipped again, you’ll either have to spend a lot more azoth than the dominant faction members or spend MUCH more time, again leaving you less competitive in production/sale or in-game crafting

  • If you need to sell items in different cities in order to increase your profit, you also got chipped because you will be left behind due to the much higher cost of azoth or time spent moving to these places (completely infeasible to walk from city to city to sell item )

All of this makes the strong even stronger, the goal is not to stop giving rewards to the winners, but give the weaker ones also have an opportunity to turn the game around, as this is the dominant faction will always continue to come forward because receives more and more incentives

Note: if I remember more things I’ll put them, if I want to suggest more things to go on the list, just answer!

While I agree that dominant faction bonuses are too strong, you can go from 0 to 1000 azoth in less than 2 hours with outpost rush, not to mention the copious amount of azoth you will get from doing your daily elite chest route

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The whole idea of this game is for factions to go to war to change things. If your not in the “dominant” faction, recruit to bring strong people in. Form an alliance with the other non-dominant faction to take down the dominant faction. Thats all built into the game, use the tools the game gives you to make a change if you find yourself at a disadvantage.

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