Back to New World

i just came back to play new world, my friends told me its a decent game now,
so i tryed to log back in the game on my level 60 character Name : Heatherr / Server : Barri
first thing i see that my character doesnt have a server… like how is this even possible, i maked this character on day 1, leveled it up on barri to level 60, and somehow its not on barri anymore…
how am i able to play with my friends now…

Your character was detached from its world due to not being logged in for 180 days. To get back into Barri you would have to wait for it to unlock. More details in the post below:

So basicly everyone who wants to come back because the game was unplayable with al those buggs are screwed and cant play with there friends on there original servers? nice game…

They had to make a choice between people actively playing the game and people who hadn’t logged on for many months. They made the right choice.


There was no magic solution for AGS here. There were big queues during peak hours (complaints), they raised many server caps to 2500 and performance degraded (complaints), and they expected large numbers to return for Brimstone.

They chose to priortize the experience of active players instead of people who may or may not return. The situation sucks for some of the returnees, but it was the best choice of a list of not-good choices.


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