Backline flankers

So the whole point of this post is that there is no backline flanker builds… none. Large scale PvP has devolved into frontline bruisers and tanks slugging each other in a dps race with a backline of range dps shooting at the frontline, and healers racing to out heal the enemy teams healers. Am I missing something?

Where is the strategy in this? In a real battle there is a frontline, backline (support) ie archers, cannons, healers, command, flankers and flank protection. We are missing flankers.

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There are some builds that do ok for the role but nothing that really identifies as that unfortunately.

It’s because some of the backline types like to feel safe and secure and don’t want anything threatening that, so here we are.

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Yes I agree! The backline can easily kite, then on top of that they are normally protected. Which leads to a breakdown in natural strategy. For instance stun locking. Without stunlocking no one can combo. The gameplay is design for combos, but it seems to becoming eliminated.


yep, I miss sns stunlock days, not because it was balanced, but because it was the only thing that reliably took care of free casters. ranged is so oppressive in a post SNS nerf patch


Yeah I don’t like how they almost completely nuked SNS comboing. I mean the only way you can combo anything is by shield bashing first, and the only reason people aren’t calling for nerfs to that is the same reason that we don’t see more calls for nerfs on the hammer combo, because it’s slow as shit and easy to dodge.

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Range really needs a melee counter. Range is just UUUUP right now, I’m confident that eventually something will get buffed, or a new weapon will become the counter. Eventually.

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I will say however that more organized kill squads are being slotted now, YGG is slotting 3 kill squads in their wars with varying builds.

the issue is rapier, I can deal with ranged once I get to them but then they just run for 30 minutes, if I didnt have a great axe Id literally be unable to kill ranged.

Rapier is a big part of it, but not the only one imo.

I too have more consistency killing ranged with a GA(and hatchet) than with anything else.

Melee DPS, those should be the flankers.

Every range build equips a rapier as a secondary utility weapon. As soon as a melee or a group of melee initiates an attack the typical counter is riposte-flèche-evade-dodge roll-dodge roll. At that point anyone is clear of danger. At this moment there is no punishment as a range player for a lack of situational awareness and positioning.

Sometimes I would get riposte-t bagged 3x- flèche-evade- dodge roll-dodge roll.

Have you tried this? It’s aids right now.


The problem is that melee slows are all 15-25% and ranged slows are either super easy to apply (ice storm) or 40% slows (blunderbuss net shot, crippling powderburn…). Light melee has to use stamina to gap close and then shirking energy allows range to always out trade stamina and get away. That is before we even start to talk about the rapier or ice gauntlet. Also ranged weapons get haste for just rolling or simply existing where as the melee weapons get haste for hitting an ability (minus bloodlust) or critting. In addition to ranged having the advantage with free haste plus free roles both of the offhand weapons of choice for the meta ranged classes have abilities which grant long iframes and allow them to regenerate their entire stamina bars during the invincibility. AND they get additional iframes when coming out of those abilities to guarantee that they are now able to use that “free” stamina they were just provided. All of this on top of the egregious desync melee users face right now the matchup is so one sided its not even funny. Problem is I am not sure if the devs play any sort of “flank” builds to really see this aspect of the game. The SNS combo definitely should of been nerfed but the leaping strike nerf needs to be undone or light melee in general needs better tools for sticking to light ranged players.


With the increase in pace for which people can max out their expertise in OPR we are seeing the majority of matches with range players. Even I am starting on a range build… if you can’t beat them join them. Right?

Basically. Personally, I have 0 fun playing with these ranged builds in opr, but playing my usual spear/SNS/hatchet/rapier is terrible right now. Even if I do well, I’m having negative amounts of fun. I remember a time where I had like 300ish opr crates saved up. I can’t even imagine doing that many matches with opr in this state

There is no real strategy to begin with as this isnt war.

the activity is not big enough with large encompassing objectives, goals, buffs, debuffs, support or logistics to be anything more than zerg b, group 1 and 2 split for a and c and hope something sticks, and or otherwise, wait for timers to go off and nuke respawns till you make your way to final point.

but as others have said i think you can potentially do a 2 or 3 man nuke squad as a flanking backline killer.

i used to see dedicated squads doing that with light melee builds with spears, great axes, Warhammers and IGs focusing the same targets/small clumps of healers, and mages) (pre skitzo popularity)

Dear Devs,

Nerf Rock, Paper is ok.


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if you dont see that ranged is a little out of hand rn idk what to tell u. playing any large scale pvp is painful, even in war, only times ranged isnt an issue is on defense when u have ur own ranged plucking theirs LOL, and dont even get me started on OPR. Before the stunlock combos were a thing ranged was honestly managable, why? because musket fire staff was the only ranged weapon in widespread use. Now any shmuck with average aim can pick up a bow and merc mfers, muskets are still annoying as shit, and fire staff now hits like a freight train. Will I say things are balanced? sorta, bows hitbox is a little too forgiving and rapier is the root of this ranged bullshit. But overall, ranged are able to thrive unchecked now since fire staff and bow are pretty viable now, meanwhile we get nerfs to builds and weapons that counter it, sns is basically back to being a meme now. great axe might be the only melee agile enough to kill ranged.

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I’m SnS/Hatchet, even after the nerfs.

Ranged are annoying, but also not a big deal to me.

I (probably biased) thought the combo builds were perfectly fine since they were very much assassin oriented. Light armor low con melee murdering light armor low con ranged. AGS just doesn’t know how to handle player crying apparently because they were expressly adamant that they don’t want anything like that existing, which is crazy to people who spend a lot of time considering balance (something they obviously don’t).

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