Bag of Juniper Berries Gypsums

So, I opened 3 bags of these today and only got 1 Diamond Gypsum.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Every bag prior used to provide 1. Only in the last 2 days has it been different (i.e out of 3 bags I got 1 Gypsum)

I don’t see anywhere where it says it’s a chance to drop.

It’d be nice to see if I’m not alone.

Known bug. I have reported it already.

You must open your berries SLOWLY. ONE by ONE. Otherwise it bugs out and doesn’t give you enough diamond gypsum


Is this the same bug where opening multiple portal crates will not always give the rewards? And yes, juniper bag bug affected me twice. T_T

Opened 3 bags today, got gypsum from none. I wonder when they’re planning on turning this off, if they haven’t already done so.

The only time it happened to me was when i opened my bags up late one day and the next day when i got my new bags it didn’t give me any gypsum because the cooldown(20-24hr??) had not reset yet. So open your bags as soon as you get them.

There seems to be a cooldown on getting the 3 gypsums, so if you miss one or two in a day then it gets messed up. just save up the bags and open 3 per day

I always wait to open them until I have all 3, and then open them immediately. So I’m not sure what the issue is that’s causing the loot roll to fail, but I’m not hoarding them.

That is 100% the issue. Open them as you get them and only open them. It will glitch if you open all three in rapid succession.

the bags drop an hour before your CD for diamonds is up so keep track of times or just hold em for an hour when you get em

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