Bag's recompensation is a joke

Hi there,

I did receive “recompensation” for crafted bag at 1st day of brimstone patch. Thing is … I get 1 legendary bag with some random very bad perks. I did crafted 10 bags that day and 3 of those was legendary more to that I did craft all of them with luck and bag that I get dont have it.

I wasted around 130k in mats and as “recompensation” I get bag that is worth maybe 40k…

I just can’t imagine how unhappy will be guy that crafted 100 bags.

Are you gonna do something about this…?

Hey @hashor how’s it going,I do hope you’re doing well.

I’m really sorry for this situation where you feel the compensation was not the appropiate one or it was unbalanced, if you’d like you can reach us over on the following link to escalate this problem.

Once again I’m sincerely sorry you feel this way, rest assured we always work our players best interest, if you’d like you can also leave a comment regarding this situation on the following section of the forums #game-feedback.

Wish you a nice day and hope to see you soon on Aeternum!

I did contaced… no response since… is there anyway to check that?

It should go to the email on your Amazon account.

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Hey folks hope you’re both doing great!

Really sorry for the delay, @hashor can you confirm if the resolution provided by @JakeL was helpful, feel free to mark it as a solution if it was!

I do appreciate the help, as always @JakeL, long time no see!

I do wish both of you a great time today on Aeternum!

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