Bah Humbug - Housing Tax Revert

Somehow, I missed that the housing tax drop was a limited-time affair. I know that’s my fault, but I’ve been living my best New World life with three big houses and all the travel and storage I could dream of. Housing taxes being set to maximum didn’t faze me because it was still so affordable.

Now I’ve discovered that I’m about to be sent to the poor house with taxes increasing 10 times with the December update. I don’t imagine the evil overlords of our monopolised map will consider dropping the rate to a reasonable amount. It’s going to be no-fun time for me, just relying on invasions and daily faction bonuses to keep my homes from becoming inaccessible.

No more happy harvesting or exploration runs. I predict a bleak Christmas indeed!

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Organize your playerbase to not pay their rent if the companies don’t set down the taxes, then they’ll be forced to lower it as a town without housing income can not sustain itself.


Thank you for the suggestion, although I don’t know if I’d have much luck convincing people to give up the comforts and convenience of their homes for the cause.

You could also use all your storage ability as an advantage and try to stockpile some things that have been volatile in pricing and maybe make some big profits! On the other hand you could also consider modifying your exploration and harvesting routes to give a higher potential of getting valuable items that you can sell. :santa:

Can we get a link. If true its definitely going to cause the loss of a lot more people and it shows AGS still does not understand or listens when dealing with their remaining player base.



  • House tax for 3weeks
  • cancel repairs with gold cost
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You’ll have plenty of luck when people are being charged thousands for taxes. I sure as hell won’t be paying 20%.

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fantastic answer

Yay :slight_smile:

Not much room for big profits given crafting taxes and listing taxes are all set to extream along with house tax

They pushed it back, but it will definitely come back to “normal” sometimes beginning of next year.
And that will HURT, and indeed make quite a few people quit the game.

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