Bakhu into Lyonesse



How Bakhu can be merged into lyonesse when we have 1200 daily players and they have 400.

All the french activity is centralized on bakhu with many big companies who have just transfered.

We have to keep our territories on bakhu, we are by far more organized on the whole server.

Please don’t do that or all the last tryharders will leave the game.

Please hear us.


Yes, considering Bakhu as secondary server in merge will be awful mistake.

@Luxendra We need to know why a big server is merged into an old desert please.

I dream of a world without tryharders :roll_eyes::grin::crazy_face::roll_eyes:

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And why Lyonesse is eating Bakhu and not the opposite ??

Companies from Lyonesse will keep territories ?

Most populated server should keep its territories

Yes, people on Lyonesse will keep their territories.

It’s shameless. They are 200. Half of the territories are holded by pve players

Seriously ? Where is the logic to give advantages to the minority ?

As usual AGS is lost when it’s time to take decisions.

@Luxendra We need a statement ! The entire server don’t understand how a high can be merged into a low. There is no reason to do that. We have long rivalry between our factions and we will just destroy every little guild who had a territory on Lyonesse.

No sense.

I hear you and understand that the merge may not be the ideal partner you were looking for.

We released an updated statement here explaining our decision behind the server merges which you can read here: [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay

In summary, this is first step in a multi-merge process and our working plan is to reassess and address all struggling servers in early 2022.

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looks like some players today are discovering that life is just not fair


Lyonesse was N°1 server for Omega

Yes “WAS”; we all transfered from lyonesse to Bakhu, and now we are back on this weird server. Smart.

who care, u transfered for free why u cry ?
“weird server” doesnt mean anything, do you have a proper argument ? A server is a server.

While you’re correct that this is not a rational argument. It is a heartfelt one.

If you’ve played enough mmo’s you know this is not true. Servers have cultures all their own. Just like in the workplace you can have one that is extremely tense or one that is extremely laid back.

It’s the same with servers.

All servers will be impacted by the mergers.
In the end only the names will remain (which nobody cares about).
Baku is not the only one affected, all servers are. Smaller servers don’t have less power than others just because they are smaller.
The big guilds will regain their territory if they really deserve it, besides it will allow to purify all the guilds that have abuse bug to win their war (because everybody knows that defending is easier). So this is a good thing.
Whether it’s baku that gets eaten or baku that gets eaten, either way the argument is invalid since the “culture” will change anyway because of the wave of new players.

Dude, we have built alliances and rivalry around the color of the territories on Bakhu.

Everything we have done will be destroyed on Lyonesse because others guilds on my faction will try to push too and still wars from RNG. (While there is no chance they win any war).

It’s bad, that’s all…

Can you please just issue another round of tokens. Poet merge my server is still going to be extremely dead with sub 400 peak.

Yes but it’s technical… Omega’s Master server is Lyonesse. Others are slaves servers. Lyonesse was and is the Proto server since Alphas/Betas

What’s the problem then? Just take them back, easy.

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