Balance changes when?

It’s been over 2 weeks now. When will we get to see these changes?

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we scared the shit out of them when they said something about nerfing light armor and the forums spend the next week non-stop posting it was a bad idea. They are back at the drawing board.


Hoping to hear about them tomorrow… if not, I suppose we should expect March before any news.

Continuing the discussion from [Dev Blog] Combat Balance Update:

Supposed to come in the “very near future”…that was Jan 10th. I guess AGs’s idea of very near future is different than most. @Dave_NW


See @Delakron 's update here:

It’s like Soon™. It’s hyper contextual.

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I think they planned on releasing it with the leaderboards but got so much backlash over the light armor announcement they took another look at their options. That’s my opinion. I personally don’t think they took stuff into consideration like healers or detonate or the fact it would indirectly buff everything etc. i personally don’t think they even attributed the dex weapons and their passives at all when thinking about light armor. But after all the back lash and loads of people pointing it out perhaps they took a second look. That’s what I hope. Maybe I’m wrong guess we’ll wait and see.


based on when they do the PTR, it SHOULD be in the PTR tomorrow.

Then we all get some quality entertainment, as everyone comes out of the wood work coitizing their choices.

Personally, don’t care what they nerf, and how much, at this point. Current state of the game is absolutely horrible, and it has been since the Brimstone update.


Yeah it should go on ptr today or tomorrow but they just said in a different thread that those changes are coming on the next ptr cycle.

No news this week on the balance patch most likely :frowning:

I’m already eager for next years PTR balance changes that will fix this future month’s balance changes. Then pvp will feel balanced. Of course that’s after 2025 PTr balance changes fix the balance changes from 2024.

I guess it’s too much to ask when it comes to monthly balance updates.


it must suck when they work on leaderboards for months and when they finally let us know about it we all hate it.

Same goes for light nerf.

It’s almost as if they should listen to the community before diverting into some huge project that we dont care about.

Mannequins ROFL

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I would say by March…

March would be way to late. Actually february is already late.
Leaderboards dont look interesting enough to hold players that long enough.
There is also no real rewards for leaderboards so why grind them?

I am not saying it is RIGHT to be in march…
It’s my deep feeling…

Musket was suppose to be fixed in december patch…instead…it got buffed…

I am not saying anything about you but just my own opinion.
Musket has been overpowered for way to long and the last nerf buffed it yeah.

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Exactly this, March will be too late to test let alone release balance changes.

AGS either doe not pay attention or care how many players they are losing weekly.

I’m starting to think that the game has been passed off to inexperienced developers and used as a training tool at this point for new AGS employees for experience for future AGS projects. Seriously.

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For me it feels like some devs from alpha left and went to their new mmorpg with unreal engine 5 and they are working on it right now.
Those who left got replaced by some others but i might be wrong. Thats just a theory.