Balance feedback / Broken stuff (BUFFS/NERFS required)

- Bow still needs input/cancel fixes
- FS needs a partial revert of the latest nerfs and a few tweaks
- IG needs a buff on Ice Spike and a partial revert on the nerfs
- SS needs a traking fix on Leaping strike
- HA needs a relative power nerf (buff LA and MA)
- Fortify needs a nerf/overhaul
- GA needs a lunge nerf, it renders variety obsolete.

This is a list of the most urgent and prioritary changes required to achieve some sort of balance, this is based off of my opinions that are shared by most of this forum’s community.

----------------------------------------------------IN DEPTH-----------------------------------------------------------
I’m leaving less problematic and recently improved weapons out in favour of focusing on the big balance issues. I’m going to detail my points below and touch on LS as well.

  • For everything that was fixed/improved with the Bow in 1.1 it’s a shame people are abandoning the weapon in droves because of the removal of the attack cancel using skills, it made the weapon more clunky than it already was. Bow had little balance problems, it was just clunky and hard to use, with the latter not even being necessarily a problem. Revert the one change to cancels and maybe do something about Spliter Shot, the skill is useless and VERY inconsistent, I would just change it into a volley/buckshot like ability with a cone AoE (still keeping the multiple pojectiles to deal more damage at shorter ranges). I didn’t really understand why Rain of Arrows AoE was nerfed when it should have been buffed, the skill is already clunky and of little use as is due to the aiming UI/camera angle problems and the hit delay. Fix the aiming camera angles for non-zoomed-in skills please.

  • GA’s normal attack’s lunge nerf is a no brainer in my opinion, everyone has been complaining about it, it’s an absolute redundant overkill given that the whole weapon’s kit already revolves around relentlessly chasing while preventing escape. It’s amusing how much longer it is compared to most other weapon’s lunge, to the Rapier’s skill Evade and compared to LA’s roll. Needs to be shortened by roughly 30-50%.

  • FS seems to be entirely focused around DPS and AoE DPS, yet its damage was nerfed to the ground. Fireball has to crit, this is not negotiable, half of the weapon’s kit revolves around ablity crits. Incenerate should receive either a grit passive, an increase in range, a faster animation or a combination of those things. This skill is interesting because it opens up the possibility for short ranged builds but it’s way too clunky at the moment.
    In my opinion Burn out should change one of its perks into a fortify or empower buff to incentivise risk/rewards aggressive play. The less consistent damage passive perks nerfed in 1.1 should be returned as they were.

  • IG’s biggest issue is that 2 of its skills are completely unusable, Windchill needs so much of an overhaul to have any kind of use that I wouldn’t know where to begin. Ice Spikes however is very easy to fix, the Mighty Spike and Spiky Reach AoE need a massive hitbox buff, it’s genuiney hard to land that ability on stationary targets, completely impossible on moving ones. The trail of spikes could also be made slower, a final skill-perk that auto-triggers Mighty Spike on enemy hit could also be a decent idea (Refreshing Spikes and Empowered Spikes are really underwhelming). I can get behind part of the 1.1 nerfs BUT the Heavy Attack charge time needs to be restored and made consistent with all other magic weapons. I personally think nerfing Ice Shower’s CD when it didn’t even work was a leap and that should also be reversed. I do think the skill is overrated and was mostly made strong by other perks such as Heavy Freeze and Ultimate Chill that were already nerfed (rightfully this time).

  • This one is easy, SS is a decent weapon due to it having one of the best normal attack chains in the game and a decent array of skills, Leaping Strike being one of the most relevant, it needs a tracking buff because it seems to want to miss targets that are farther than 2 meters away. Whirling Blade could also use some love, no one is using this skill because it’s basically a wider normal attack, it could use more damage, more AoE, a bigger rend on the perk, a higher refresh on the other perk or a combination of those things. It would be nice if playing Sword without Shield was at least somewhat viable.

  • Fortify needs a game-wide rebalance with a fundamental change of its stacking rule. One or a combination of the following tweaks are required: different sources of Fortify should NOT stack, individual Fortify sources that aren’t from SS should be nerfed/removed, TOTAL Mitigation should have a more impactful diminishing return when HA and Fortify are combined.

  • The way Paladins were sorted out in 1.1 looked unnecesarily cumbersome to me, splitting damage and heal bonuses for armor classes was the most apparent incosistency about the whole thing. While it’s true that Healers in Heavy Armor were a big problem for PvP balance they never were an outlier case, they were just the coincidence of different Overpowered things in the game (some heal mechanics + Fortify + Heavy Armor + 250 CON perk).
    Personally I thought LS issue was not the overall amount of Healing but the ability to stack Fortify and exploit Light’s Embrace uncapped powerup. That’s all I am going to say about LS as I can’t say I’ve experienced with that weapon as much as I have the others.
    I will, however, say that I think the rebalance of the heal bonus among armor classes should have been spread to damage as well. Everyone and their mothers are still running around in Heavy Armor whatever the weapon, lack of mobility is a non-issue thanks to Greataxes and relative lack of damage is barely a thing.

Depending on what you use as a base value HA has:

  • 30-45% more effective health than maxed LA (via Damage Mitgation)
  • 20% more CC duration
  • 15% more block stamina
  • Strongest sinergy with Fortify (due to lack of diminishing returns)
  • No penalty for using a shield (other armor classes have to sacrifice weight/DM)

while LA has

  • 16-20% more damage (using the same reasoning applied to HA’s DM values)
  • longer dodge

It feels apparent to me that the damage bonuses should AT LEAST be brought up to what the healing ones are in 1.1 and made multiplicative.
Heavy Armor wearers should have a tradoff for their effective health and ability to Fortify (that they have even without SS), they should be very hard to kill when supported by a healer but they shouldn’t be able to deal almost the same amount of damage than a DPS-built character (if not more due to not relying on positioning as much).



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