Balance Suggestions

Please reply in the comments with the numbers 1-5 so we know what is being talked about.

Assumptions: We have to assume that the largest player base is melee. Thus, this needs the most support. With that in mind, consider discussing the following changes:

1) Great Axe Attack Auto Aim Assist:
Side Remarks: No class should expect to hit more than 2-4 auto attacks on a moving cognitive target in a small window of time without CC. Hits should be achieved if they are stuck in CC or a gap closer was used. This auto pull attack also causes massive issues when lag is in the game. Reward those that are good at timing and outplaying the target.

Here are some suggestions to consider. These are mutually exclusive changes, as doing more than one nerf to an ability destroys that ability (e.g., entomb)

  • Normalize the GA speed and pull distance with the war hammer. The GA is attacking as fast as a 1h weapon.

  • Only heavy attacks should auto aim/pull

  • The pull should only happen if the the player has X stamina. The stamina X should probably be 50% of the current stamina for a dodge.

  • Remove auto assist from the game and reward hitting existing abilities with small CC durations. Only expect the CC to last as long as one auto attack. This would require #3 (Diminishing returns) to be implemented.

2) Ice Gauntlet Heavy Attack Root
As it stands, the only class with a huge CC nerf are ice gauntlet users. With basic CC reduction, the root may last 0.5-1 sec and is on a 5 second CD. In addition, the abilities that trigger root are on a 20-30 second cooldown. As a result, it ends up being a 0.5 - 1 sec root every 20-30 seconds! There is a bonus too: all slows+roots can be jumped out of still with the IG

Let us look at some other very easy CC abilities to hit:

  • Petrifying Scream: 2-3 sec root. 15 sec CD with no reductions.

  • Shield bash: 2-3 sec stun. 25 sec CD with no reductions

  • Spear Sweep: 1 sec knock aoe knock down. 10 sec CD with no reductions

  • Shockwave: 2 sec stun + debuffs. 20 sec CD with no reductions

  • Gravity Well: 3 sec root. 30 sec CD with no reductions.

Reviewing other CC abilities, the IG root is the only one that has to be used with another ability. This requires you to properly land a spell + get a auto hit off.
Possible Solution: Increase the duration to 2 seconds, +1-1.5 seconds if target is below 50% health, or revert the changes and add diminishing returns to the game.

3) Diminishing returns:
This should be simple to add but does require a proper analysis of existing CC and the min and max CD reductions. We recommended using Warcraft as a basis:

NOTE: This is only in context to PVP.
Example:. First CC type used has 100% duration → Second CC used (same type) in X seconds has 50% reduction → Third CC used (same type) in X seconds has 75% reduction → Immunity is reached for remaining X seconds of the first

Each game is different and the X seconds should be calculated considering all CC abilities, available CC reduction in the game, and solo, group, and zerg PVP scenarios. If we take the 5 examples from #2, we end up with an average max CD time of 20 seconds. Thus, setting X to be 15 seconds would most likely be ideal.

4) Grit Balances:
All melee classes get grit for just being alive. Please consider adding grit to spells such as splash of light, divine embrace, or incinerate.

5) Stagger on Physical Damage Taken:
Stagger is slowly increasing in ‘silent patches’ back to what it was during the first closed beta. This mechanic is terrible for the game for two reasons: it cannot scale and cannot work with latency issues.

Scale Issue: If we consider PVE, every mob that may have had mechanics is reduced to being on its knees or stuck 95% of the time (hard fight). In PVP, a mob of players that can do stagger on auto attacks can make another player do absolutely nothing (especially if we consider the CC chains). With the current state of PVP combat, players should be able to dodge or drink positions even while staggered (lock down from stagger with 0 stamina is reasonable**).

Scale and Latency Issues: In large combat scenarios, the server and the client has a hard time registering stagger effects. We would argue that this is one of the top 3 lag issues in large scale PVP.

Latency Issues: Players with latency issues will be stuck in a constant state of interrupted ability animations and rubber banding.

Side Remarks: The game has come a long way since the first closed beta, but the combat mechanics are slowly returning to that state with public and ‘silent’ patches (i.e., changes without telling the players).


Agree, especially the auto aim on the GA, no weapon should even have that in the first place.

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It is a detailed work that shows the time you have invested. I like some of the things you are proposing.
But… the bad news are that AGS doesn’t care. They may say they do… but they don’t care.

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Heavy Armor should reduce ALL outgoing damage by 30% and increase cooldowns by 30%

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As a ga/wh user, I agree stuns should have diminishing returns, getting stun locked for 8 seconds by hammers feels like shit, even doing it feels like shit

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