Balancing Factions

   U need to cap Faction members. On my world the map is yellow. This is due to the fact a whole guild (they had 2 guilds) left purple and went yellow. Now we are getting hammered on all crafting House rent etc. u get the idea. Cap Factions this is redic.
    Housing rent every three days come on man i dont pay that in life. Once a week thats acceptable. every three days horrid.
    Fix the factions my server is losing ppl left and right your killing your own great game.  Plz dont turn it into wow though the difficulty is one of the things that makes it great.
    Also maybe Company banks would be nice. 

                                           Ty for your time
                                           Lauranel Gov. Cold Hearted

Just add a luck bonus to smaller factions :stuck_out_tongue: 20% for smallest 10% for second smallest people will swap for luck bonus we see PvE player flagging for luck so we know it works :stuck_out_tongue:

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