Balancing of Life Staff

We have all seen issues with the Life Staff in PVP since release, hell since the first betas for the game. I think I’ve thought of a way to balance it to where a player cannot use it as a crutch to stand in indefinitely and never die. My idea is simple:

Life Staff will heal everyone equally, enemy or not, in PVP.

If we take the life staff and make it so the single target heals that take some effort to land are the only ones viable, we won’t end up in situations where one person stands in sacred ground and berserk with a hatchet to out dps and heal a 4 man squad. It would also make it so wars become more balanced with the idea of having to outplay the enemies rather than stand in endless aoes on a point waiting for the server to update.

My suggestion is to reduce life staff healing by 50%. But this is okay too

I thought of that too but it would have to change entire party dynamics. Late game bosses hit too hard to do that so you would need to change a dps to healer and then you can’t beat some end game bosses in a reasonable amount of time. If you lock it to just PvP then outpost rush will suffer with an onslaught of healers and never a decent way of taking out brutes or bears in the field

Remove bosses. This is supposed to be a pvp game

That is a terrible solution to fit one small need. You shouldn’t remove an entire portion of a game just because you want it to be a pvp only experience

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I still think self-healing needs to be tuned down, but also another issue is all the damage mitigation available in the game atm, esp with Onyx being so bugged.

Well that’s just my opinion. I don’t want to do PvE content

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