Balancing updates frequency and issues rn

I think that a game highly PvP oriented needs frequent updates to try to be balanced.
First of all because it allows you to revert a bad change of direction faster, and not ruin the game for a class or a weapon for a whole month, it could lead people to quit the game.
Second of all because if say you need 20 tries to be almost balanced, then it will take 1 year and a half at this pace. And it’s way too much.
In my opinion an update balancing things out should be made 2 times a month at least. Every 15 days.

Now I will give my opinions about current meta and issues:

  • Armors:
    There is a big issue atm, which will be even bigger with dodge canceling being removed.
    Mages are forced to play medium. Why? Because the damage output difference is not that big while resistance to damage is way higher.
    If you go light and you play with 150 con, then you do almost same damage as a medium 100 con, and he is still tankier.
    Mages shouldn’t be encouraged to play medium.
    Either light should benefits from more damages as they are are dead if caught. Or they should be a bit tankier.

Also healers mostly play heavy, and are very tough to kill, you can see in outpost rush good healers that literally have 5 players on them and survive for minutes, so if they have 4 friends with them in heavy medium, you can’t burst enough their friends, and you can’t kill the healer fast. So it’s just gg.

This armor thing is very important to balance because it defines meta and weapon balancing as well.

  • Weapons:
    Some weapons are way to good, and skill should always prevail. If you listen to nowadays meta, you just hear everybody complaining about vg.
    It shouldn’t be like that, either it’s a rock scissors game where each weapon has weaknesses and strenghts against different ones. Either it should be skill based for every weapon and you shouldn’t feel like no one in your shoes can win a fight against a specific class.

Also if you compare spear to ga wh, it now has more range and attacks faster, and once you get caught in the first hit then you are permastun for 3 seconds. It’s less easy to dodge.

If you have more range then you are slower to attack, if you can stun for longer then you hit slower or weaker.

To conclude, I know it’s not easy to balance everything, but game longevity depends on it and you should make it a higher priority.

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Ahmen Brother

Armor needs a wider gap added to it

  • Light amor needs more damage

  • Heavy needs more damage reduction and Decreased Damage and healing output
    (why melee dps can run heavy and still 2 shot people doesn’t force them to make a choice )

We need raid mechanic skills

  • AOE Pulls (for heavy gear on weapons that don’t do big damage numbers for balance )
    -UI Icon for raid leaders
    -Raid Bars for the love of god why can we only have 5 in a party ??? why are we going backwards in innovation ???

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