Ban all exploiters from the start

I’m curious, AGS, by why not ban every single player who used exploits at any point since the moment the game was released?

The biggest defenders of the game, the state it’s in? Are most likely the people who exploited the hell out of the game during the first week, particularly with PvP exploits to gain territory/etc.

Use any exploit more than once, listed or not? Perma ban.
Use an exploit for an unfair advantage in control/pvp/ganing a city? Perma ban.

Make em all buy a new game if they want to play again, and start from zero. Make them have to ‘roll’ on a new server, block the server they played on before from being used so friends can funnel them gear, gold etc.

Ban the lot of em.

But oh yeah, that’s right. If they did they’d probably lose about 25-30% of their player base and their most ardent defenders. Tho why they’d care, since they already got the money…


What exploits do you mean? Are you including weapons that got bugged and were used by people not even knowing it was bugged? What about players using hatchet for a week in PvE not even knowing it was broken?

The problem about banning exploiters is that, unless they are blatant about it, AGS cannot prove without doubt that they were intentionally doing it. If they have logs of them chatting about it like they knew what they were doing, it’s an easy ban, but others that just play it because they had no idea, or it was set in the game code so it was unavoidable, they can’t really do anything to. Too many laws in multiple countries that make it hard for them to just ban for whatever reason, as their EULA is written, because country laws trump their EULA, and they don’t want needless lawsuits or bad PR without solid proof of intention.

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Been ages since i popped in. Actually those are some great points.

They still haven’t provided proof of bans for players who used outright CHEATS like the Invincibility cheats around the time of Update 1.0.2. The one where shaking your window gave you invincibility.
They are just going to keep quiet till people get tired of pointing it out and everyone forgets.
That’s how MMO’s work when they can’t do anything about it and they make a huge screwup.
Like ESO – Players find a massive exploit for around +40% dps and they just “embrace it”. What kind of dev lets players have a +40% dps exploit? Seven years later people think it’s a “feature”.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

At this point it’s literally one new exploit or cheat every week. And AGS doesn’t bother to acknowledge or take action on anything. They are too busy pushing new bugs out alongside their new “features”.

Most of the players in the game now are probably exploiters, cheaters, and bot accounts. If they banned them, their player counts would probably lose two digits.

And with really old exploits, players that were legitimate might have started to use them too, just to be on a more level playing field. And that’s on AGS doing nothing.

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