Ban extension with no explanation

So my friend was temporarily banned for 5 days due to “cheating”. This has now been extended for some reason!

When I say cheating he accepted a stack of food from another player, a player he had vaguely known and played with a few times. The player simple traded him the food saying i made to much here you go. A nice though and a welcomed gift.

My friend did nothing wrong other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why he was punished in the first place is ridiculous but now for the ban to be extended is just disguising.


We just want a human to review case by case.

Every ticket we make is replied to with a copy-paste response.

We understand the true cheaters needed to be banned. But so many innocent people have been caught up in this it’s unreal.

In this case, a player accepted 100 tier 5 food in a trade, by someone who said he had made too many (he turned out to be a duper who got a perm ban). The innocent player has the chat logs to prove this. Yet no support advisor has done more than send a copy-paste response saying that there is no way to review his ban.

A game is based on its player base. And although cheaters must be punished, normal players can’t be punished for the nefarious acts of others.


Thousand others are trapped like this too. It seems they extend the ‘temporary ban’ for everyone who is still banned until this friday. Is it going to be extended again? i dont know, IMHO yes they will.

Sadly your post will either be deleted or closed within the next half an hour just like every other posts that question these unfair bans.


Who would give for free 100x t5 attribute food when they cost around 60-100 depending on server. They added an update on Offcial news saying ban were extended till they resolve the duping items.

I’d definitely assume this as well if this wasnt an amazon game run by amateurs.

At this point I’m almost willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt based solely on the idea that Amazon has no idea how to make or run games… other than directly into the ground.

I’m leaning significantly more towards my assumption. I don’t think the only trigger they had for the mass ban wave was, “Does X player have Y amount of duped items in their inventory.”

I did and would again if I have to. What’s wrong with giving 100 x roasted rabbit for free? What’s wrong with giving anything for free?

This is just disgusting, people who turn around and make the victim becomes the accused.

It’s been now 2 weeks since the duplicate exploit… AGS renewing the bans without proper reason… And people leaving the game because they have enough waiting for their ingame pal to come back.
And of cours, as usual, no answer no news nor consideration from any Community person… wondering what they are paid for…
it’s kind of pathetic how it is poorly managed, but a good example how AGS is very bad at managing an MMO.

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Cheaters should be grateful for not getting permanent banned.

Please cut this crap excuse “we are innocent, we bought potions”. We are fed up with this ‘potion’ excuse.

Nobody got banned for buying potions. People got banned for buying big stacks of event unique/rare items and big stacks of very expensive items at almost no price.
U tried be smart and cheat, u got caught and got banned. End of story.


@Luxendra @Luxark debating banning reasons should not be discussed on general chats.
Any BAN appeal should be discussed in private and by person affected directly.

I hope all exploiters will leave so we can have a fair community without ppl who abuse/hack/cheat trying to be ‘smart’ and when get caught crying worse than a baby.

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Hey look it’s the same AGS forum troll reporting another post about this unfair ban. What did I say, all they do is just delete and close every post asking for explanation about these bans.

Should be done by person affected. U arent global lawyer or the shinning knight in armor protector of innocent dupers. Or are u?

Hey OP, as we mentioned in other threads, no one on the forums has the ability to investigate in-game moderation actions. Only the Game Moderation team does and the conversation surrounding this needs to be between your friend and that team. Your friend can reach out to appeal their ban here: Appeal a Ban - Support | Amazon Games

Thanks for your understanding!