Ban for my friend, for no reason(?)

Hello! I am writing on behalf of my friend, because I’m really want to help him about his situation. Yesterday he got ban from reason “cheating” but he didn’t know what he just did. When he got a ban, he was staying at Orichalcum Veins in Svikin, because he likes stays at this spot a little longer than 1 hour and boom - ban. We didn’t know why he got ban, because my friend doesn’t using cheats, come on - +2500 hours played, his gear worth more than couple cap golds, so who would make a risk to get banned from cheating? Yesterday he make a ticket, and this is response:

"We reviewed the information you provided on appeal and have confirmed that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case. We take instances of cheating seriously as it is harmful to the community and violates the following section of our Code of Conduct (

  1. Play fair

Do: play within the rules of the game.

Do not: exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.

Do not cheat, bot, hack, or use other software or services that give you an unfair advantage through, for example, unattended gameplay or game modifications.

We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.

As a result, your New World account remains suspended until 05-20-2022."

Ok, very fast response to be honest, but for what this ban? I’m 100% sure he did not use a cheats in game. Maybe EAC done something? Because he using OpenVPN (he must have this program because of his job) or someone did a mass report, because someone want to this Orichalcum Vein? My friend has no strength about this, because right now he doesn’t know how to play this game to not get a ban. Can someone help us? We really want to know it for what he got ban - camping at Orichalcum? EAC banned him for OpenVPN? Or something else? He really want to defend himself but he doesn’t know for what… Thank you in advance for response!

PS. I can past his nickname at DM, because he is a key player (caller in our company) and opponents can make some trashtalk in this topic, thanks for your understanding!


Your friend is an another victim of autoban system … many players lost their accounts of this system … I have write a lot of times that autoban system must be deleted from the game and the reports must be checked by humans … I don’t know if anyone can help you guys …


Hey there @pjedro,

Sorry to hear your friend got banned.

We take cheating seriously and part of that is applying penalties with evidence.
If the appeals team has determined the sanction stands it’s likely to stay that way.
Forums are not the place to request ban lift or appeal review.

Best wishes!

Thanks for response, I know forums are not the place to this things, but what my friend should done? 6 days ban for nothing to be honest. He really want make a consersation at his ticket, but we thinks nobody will response. And he really bad feels about this situation, because this ban is unfair. Can you give us any tips?

Hey @pjedro

I know. I honestly feel him.
What we can do is file a report on allegedly wrong bans and offer his case as an example.
Does not mean he is getting his case reviewed. It means we are double checking on our processes.
DM character name, server.


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You’re welcome.
Happy to help.

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Nobody helps… :confused: Very unfair to honests ppl

Hi, Devonk, someone upper at AGS done something about my friend situation? Do they know they are banning honest people? For 99% we know, he not to get unban, but still we have tied hands… I’m really glad for your all help, best wishes!

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