Ban from steam family sharing

Your gold duper bans are doing nothing! These idiots are just using steam family sharing to get right back on and create new accounts. This guy even proves it and says he’ll dupe again.


This seems familiar.

Rift had a dupe problem like this too right? except they denied it for a month then admitted to it and fixed it.
But people had transferred everything to another account by then that didn’t use the exploit and can continue playing with everything duped :frowning:

This is false. you cant not steam family share a game you are banned on.

Coin/item dupers weren’t using their main account to begin with, so only their shared account got banned(if they got caught).

Yes you actually can. This duper was bragging that he did it. Had pictures to prove it.

not if you are banned… its impossible. steam doesnt allow it… i know because im banned on 2 games :slight_smile:

Please Remove Family Share, this is insane…
[Cheater just giving a fuck](Bans are rolling out]

and here you can see him back in the game @st0rmx

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You are wrong. They only ban the accounts the game got shared to, not the accounts actually owning the game. Keep duping, share to another steam account and tadaaa, not banned :slight_smile:

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