Ban keeps getting extended?

Hello all, I have a company mate who was banned recently, originally for 2 days, then when the 2 days was up it changed to say 5 days… It’s for “code of conduct” we’re not quite sure what that’s about (we suspect mass reports because he’s one of our top PVP players) but it’s besides the point now.

The question is, is this ban going to ever expire? If it’s permanent will that change? He wasn’t ever able to log in after the first one expired, it just automatically went to 5 days after the expiration.

Not looking for loopholes around the rules or anything, just some clarity as to when this ban would expire.

Hello @noturbuddyguy

I’m sorry regarding the issue with the duration of the Ban on your account.

I request you to submit an appeal against the Ban with the required information and the moderation department will be providing a response to your appeal as soon as possible.

You can submit an appeal using the below option:

I hope this information helps. Have a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ThunderWolf I believe he has submitted an appeal, but why would it keep getting extended? If it’s a permanent ban it should say so correct? Or will it keep extending by a few days each time it expires?

Its because of the dupped glitch, they banned all accounts that had any interaction with it and then extended it for 7 days currently.

Had the same issue with my brothers account and these bums that call themselves support specialist cant even relay that information.

Spent multiple hours before I FINALLY got one of them to explain this to me.

This advice here is useless btw. My brother submitted a ban appeal and they literally sent him a denial back with no reason on it for why and all it said was [INSERT BAN REASON HERE]. Couldn’t even be bothered to replace the generic text and provide a fair and deserved update on his account.

The appeal team is absolutely horrible and a complete waste of time for any appeal. The LEAST they could of done was look at the account and say “you were banned due to a dupe glitch that hit your account. Here is the forum post referring to it. Once we clear up your account you will be unbanned and back to normal” But they couldn’t even take the time to do that.

Spent 10hrs total trying to get his account fixed and not once were they able to look at his account and just give me that forum post link until the very very end. Worst experience of my life.

Thank you, this actually helps. It sounds like maybe he was the recipient of duped items so they suspended him while they removed them?

Yes from my understanding this is what they are doing right now. I wouldn’t expect a notification on when he gets unbanned so I would recommend checking randomly for the ban to be lifted.

Knowing this team though they may just let the bans run all the way for the 7 days…

Overall he could of accidently duped some potions or something, the dupe was honestly an easy enough thing to do by mistake so its really sad they didn’t make a more public announcement on this like their twitter or something. He could of accidently duped some potions and not even realized it.

If all he has is the 7 day ban he should be fine. People who exploited the dupe got the full perma ban message.

I appreciate it Nate thank you for doing the work AGS support can’t

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