Ban Overwolf Minimap, it is cheating & ruining immersion

Why we still talking about Immersion, the dude has been banned.

He has been using overwolf minimap for node all the time, and never get banned, i guess it’s fine?

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Streamers receive different treatment.

In their survey I actually answered that I felt I leveled up way too fast.

There are very few things in game that won’t give you xp, let’s say you want to go into crafting, leather for example.
You’ll need to slaughter a lot of mobs, that’s xp, then skin the mobs, that’s more xp, then go to a settlement to refine your leather - more xp. You actually want to craft some armor, you’ll need leather, iron and fiber in various quantities, all that is xp.
Once you go to higher tier armor you’ll have to still kill a lot of the base mobs, then go to a different region to kill a Ruskin of the same mobs at a higher level to get higher level leather…
I’m leveling up all my trades kills, and I made a lot of levels just through farming mats and crafting
You gather ingredients for cooking, xp, you cook, more xp…

I just find under the beauty there just isn’t much.
The game lacks character, 3 different factions but nothing really sets them apart, it was supposed to be a pvp game that got its pvp watered down to almost irrelevance, and got some pve slapped on almost like an afterthought, to make it last longer some steps seem like bottlenecks by overly hard content in an altogether rather easy game.

I’m at 437 hours in game, let’s see for how long I’ll last… I come from a game that I played for 17000 hours since 2013, I somewhat doubt New World will be able to hold my interest anywhere near that.

20 years ago DAoC was a really good 3-realm MMO with great pve and pvp…


The developers have specifically said so.

So much misinformation being thrown around in this thread…
the OFFICIAL position:

The mini-map can:

  • Show player position
  • Show folks in group as we do on compass
  • Only show node placement if they’ve unlocked that node via tradeskills, provided it is within the range that compass would display them.
  • Only show AI that you’ve unlocked via tradeskills as compass and within range of compass.
  • Show quests as they do on compass


Is there an overwolf map that doesnt break these rules? It seems impossible because overwolf cant know what you should be allowed to see based on your skill levels without pulling more information than your location from the game.

I’d say you’re risking your account if you use it. You KNOW the addon is breaking the rules.

Immersion argument or no, (I personally agree with the Devs, but its irrelevant, as its all opinion and it is their game), people using mini-maps showing resource locations is starting to make it very tough if not impossible, to compete when gathering.

Some of these mini maps have a resource spotting range, for example, for ore nodes, that is nigh-on infinite and they also spot other resources the compass either doesn’t report or doesn’t report until you skill up.

Therefore I can’t see how these types of mini-maps (with resource nodes) can be considered to be anything other than exploits, as they are unsupported 3rd party apps that put players using only the vanilla interface at a disadvantage.

is there something wrong with my logic?

I think first person would be horrible simply because the combat is so wonky right now it would probably give you motion sickness or make you feel like you were lagging hardcore. Action Combat and heavy use of animation locking does not translate well into “You can only see your hands”.

My guy - all the nodes spawn in one area. Even if you never used a map - you know exactly where they’re all at anyways. It took me and my group about 2 hours to map out every major/some minor orichalcum, chests and herb spawn locations in shattered mountains. The minimap gives an unfair advantage to those who just enter a location but once you do a pass or two then you already know where everything is at.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for banning the node locations on the standard minimap (you can just have them up on a 2nd monitor anyways using the new world map website) but saying its impossible solely because of the minimap is false.

Reason being:

  1. All resource locations are static. Honestly the best way to remedythis is to dynamically spawn them but it’s the devs design choice, not mine.
  2. New World map website still has every resource location - unless they get a cease and desist, all someone has to do is compare their location with the map. Not exactly difficult.
  3. Take a screenshot of your gathering route and mark the locations of nodes. This is what I did whenever I mapped an area. Made creating routes easy.

I get that you’re frustrated but it’s not the stupid minimaps fault - it’s resources being on a long timer, spawning in the exact same areas and the amount of legendary/high tier materials tied to gathering from them (essentially forcing players to spend hours a day gathering from nodes that have a 30 + minute respawn window).

Doesn’t this depend on whether these mini-maps show resource spawns dynamically i.e. whether they are currently present to harvest or just show the static locations? I honestly don’t know as I don’t use these mini maps at present.

The off-line web map is dynamic (harvest the item and they disappear till they respawn), or at least one of them is, and as you say, you can have it up in the background. But the website map requires either a second monitor (which most don’t have, can’t accommodate, or choose not to have) to use it in real time and efficiently, and it doesn’t show your location on the map, so there is a degree of interpretation and work to be done to translate from the web map to your location in the game. This isn’t hard but it is work and it isn’t real time or dynamic. I am therefore yet to be convinced of the argument that ‘we have offline resource website maps so we may as well have an in-game mini map doing the same’. It isn’t entirely accurate or entirely convincing.

This is not withstanding AGS’s points on the beautiful world and immersion issues and ‘world flattening’ impact of having a mini map which is a matter of opinion, but it is their game design and a point well made (and one I support personally).

It is all linked with the argument of mounts as well; … why have a game where one of its key USP’s is its amazing dynamic and immersive 3-D world and associated exploration if everyone bypasses it with mounts and runs around staring at a flat top down mini map rather than peering through the lush vegetation and around the hills?

If the mounts come and the mini map wins New World is just a cookie cutter MMO. Sad? a big deal? Maybe not, we’ll all just all move on and dream and pine for that next ‘great’ MMO that has something unique and fresh. And then no doubt moan that we have to actually play it and it doesn’t play for us :slight_smile:

The minimap should only be in the towns, for convenience. In all the other places shouldn’t be, it breaks the immersion of trying to figure out where it’s the node where you felt through your senses (compass / skill level).

Never knew this one existed - the one I thought everyone used was the map overlay with the painted over (essentially it was the minimap version of the new world map on the website made in minimap form. only difference was the character location was generated from the ingame api)
But yeah totally agree that a minimap that dynamically spawns and despawns resource locations needs to be banned.

I feel like this gives an advantage to folks with an extra monitor. My opinion on it hasnt changed - if the minimap goes then the online map needs to go as well. Everyone should be on a level playing field.

I disagree simply from how often they break immersion themselves from just a few of the following:

  1. reused npc models
  2. reused city layouts
  3. not being able to swim
  4. carrying thousands of pounds worth of weight

Don’t get me wrong, the vista’s are bloody gorgeous and really make you feel like you’re in the world.

world isnt big enough for mounts - we have fast travel already and now global trading. only a matter time before we get global storage tbh. Might be a different story once more zones are released and azoth costs arent lowered.

The only minimap that should be in game is one that shows your player location in the given area. landmarks and important PoI would be nice as well (so I dont need to keep smashing the M to find the crafting stations i everfall… xD)

Crying over the minimap?

If the game was more immersive, I would mark on my map where I found resource locations. You can’t make your own markers, making the minimap the more immersive part of the game…
The fact the compass barely works as it, joined an expedition? leave the game to make it work, super immersive…


Minimap isnt a bad idea since AG cant fix the compass bug since the game launch. Every time you leave expedition your compass doesnt work and mine compass doesnt work 90% of the time…

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You still banging on about this? :joy::joy::joy:

Doesn’t matter because AGS and EAC can only see Overwolf running, they can’t see what overwolf is doing. The only way AGS can enforce the rules they stated is by testing the overlays themselves, at that point they would have to change their stance on Overwolf and block/ban for using Overwolf.

Which hasen’t happened.

The long winded post by AGS told us nothing new that we didn’t know. Still some ambiguous information that hasn’t addressed the main points that have remained to be bickered about.

So I’m just going to judge it based on their actions and their actions show they have no desire to stop it or penalize it. :woman_shrugging:

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I mean it’s pretty much only be used for screen shots, I don’t want them making it a viable feature for playing the game as it would be to janky with the combat system. Ideally it would be a first person with no body showing and turns the hud off, just useful for taking screenshots and recording duels / wars.


If you want Over wolf to be banned, then you are also asking them to take down all Websites that have maps with Locations of Nodes, Chests, & such. Because not every player that is using those websites have 200 Mining, or Harvesting, & Such.