Ban Overwolf Minimap, it is cheating & ruining immersion

This whole thing is stupid. I don’t even use the minimap but I fail to see what the big argument is about.

The map pulls your player location from the game and overlays it onto a static map that was mapped out by the community. It does NOT pull that map from an external source in real time…doing that would be utterly ridiculous from both a coding and practicality standpoint. The map, along with all information built into it, is hard-coded into the overlay.

What this means is that the map is legal according to AGS’ stance on it. It’s not pulling real-time information from the game other than your location. It’s not pulling third party maps from another site into the overlay in real-time. If it showed you other player locations, if it showed you PvP status of other players in your area, if it showed you active mob spawns, if it showed you active resource nodes instead of showing you the static locations where they COULD be, then that would be a violation of the rules according to them. But it doesn’t. It takes a map, created and researched by the playerbase, and puts your character on it, “You are here” style.

That’s it.

The only thing I see that’s even REMOTELY fishy about it is that it apparently has the ability to import routes that other people have created, which would count as a 3rd party import. THAT functionality probably needs to go (although letting you plot your own through the overlay would be sweet). But the location of resources? That information is not polled from either the game or an external website. It’s hard-coded. Doing it any other way would be inefficient and, from a programmer’s standpoint, completely moronic.


How does it ruin your immersion if your not playing with it?

What comes next, ban for using a resource map on a second monitor?! A minimap is literally the same, but less annoying.

Its just a static picture which scrolls with your position, how can this be unallowed. It doesnt show if resources are up or not (that would be real cheats).

sad poor reply. ‘Use the compass’ that doesn’t work 75% of the time. try again


how has this sadly gone on for weeks. all a dev has to do is let us know if the player made map is useable while pulling the api for location. part of you say no node at all others say long as it not live data. we cant get a dev to just answer a few ongoing debate in the many fourm post one way or another to put this to rest. used to use overwolf it was a nice QOL improvement over a broken compass. been waiting she how this plays out but its been draged out for weeks now which is sad.

Well they did answer pretty specifically stating that resources can only be shown within the compass range. [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 - Developer Corner - New World Forums
" The mini-map can:

  • Show player position
  • Show folks in group as we do on compass
  • Only show node placement if they’ve unlocked that node via tradeskills, provided it is within the range that compass would display them.
  • Only show AI that you’ve unlocked via tradeskills as compass and within range of compass.
  • Show quests as they do on compass"

they also said overwolf was ok to use yet every version is not up to par per there rules. and whats compass range if it working i can dry hump ore before it show up but track a turkey from hella far?


I doubt people are leaving this game because of the OW minimap. There is a staggering difference between duping items that are worth 10-30K each and knowing where a node is.

Besides, what is the difference between the OW minimap and using two screens with the NWmap website open? Especially considering that is how a lot of people play. I know that is how 90% of my company plays.

The minimap does not show whether nodes have been harvested or not. It just shows where they are. Which again, you can see on the NW map website. Also, if you are planning on farming a particular node, you likely used the website to see where they are in the first place.

No, no it is not. I use it and love it. Same thing as if you had it loaded on a second monitor. What is the difference? This is PETTY compared to other issues in the game.

I think troll…

even if some of you get overwolf baned this is how it gonna be they cant shutdown the websites. we have the info thats not gonna change we just want a easyer way to use it if we chose too.

answer to question 1 is yes, pulling location

answer to question 2 is no, not pulling anything, the app has all of the static locations built into it. If they put in new node locations they would not show up. The term “pulling” is what you are ignoring. The node locations are a part of the add on. If I report a location to someone and they add it to a data set in the add on that is not “pulling the information from the client” FYI the fact that some nodes appear wrong (iron instead of silver) is proof that they are not pulling directly from the client. I have a specific node that I know is wrong so that would be my proof if they ever ask if it pulls from the client.

It’s no different than simply memorizing node locations

Im surprised this almost has 100 upvotes because this is just a dumb take. If you dont want to ruin your immersion, just don’t use it.

It’s a small QoL change, it just means people don’t need to have the second map open on their other screen so they can actually see where the hell they’re meant to be going. The compass is a cool idea but in practice it’s annoying to use and very anti-efficient farming/looping. I’m extremely grateful it’s a thing and I will be using it forever more.

I wish they’d borrowed an idea from FFXIV and added more node spawn locations than are actually used during any cycle of respawns and just randomized each respawn to be in one of a group of available nodes; it would make things more interesting and make it more difficult to macro/autopilot a route.

I don’t know about your compass but mine never EVER works. I prefer to have long sessions without logging off and back on. So expedition - no compass tracking.
War - no tracking
Invasion - no tracking
Just playing for over 1h - again issue with tracking.
Compass doesn’t show me the resources or it takes it 2 sec to start showing a node that I’m Already mining.
If someone preferred this crap to a minimap that has no bugs and works 100% of time?

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That was a really long post for someone who started out saying they have no idea.

The minimap shows EXACTLY the same thing as the website. It does NOT pull live data. The range is the same as the compass (if not smaller), because the view is limited to the viewing window- the area of your location. The website can view the entire map or region of nodes. The only other difference is that the map gets your location, and superimposes it on the EXACT same map as the website. Literally no difference.

I get not reading all 1200+ comments, but reading the first several will provide a wealth of information regarding what the debate has already covered.


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They literally said that in its current state it is not against ToS.

How is this thread still a thing?



I was using 2 screens before, one with the NW info map on my browser and the game on the other. It’s really not hard to tell where the nodes are when u split screen. Is overwolf easier, YES, does it change the fact that people will still know the resource routes, no. Any player using either has already memorized the route they are going to take and where the nodes are located by simple repetition. I think it just improves the QOL. AGS can also just implement their own minimap which would solve the problem.


EAC can only tell that Overwolf is running, it cannot detect what side programs are being run through Overwolf. So what they say matters not a whit as long as they allow Overwolf. And they’ve already said they won’t ban anyone using Overwolf, so case closed. It’s all moot now.

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