Ban these streamers for Exploits

“…or use other software or services that give you an unfair advantage through, for example, unattended gameplay or game modifications.

this is what macroing is. and third part software also falls in this category if it’s helping you sequence your keys. If you aren’t hitting all those keys on your own, that is what this is. Hitting one key to execute a command of keys is in violation.

If you cannot see how this is in violation, then moderators, I would be suspicious of Bloople, because he seems to be supporting the cause. He probably does this.

I’m done here. Hopefully people start suffering a consequence for their actions that are in violation.

They key word is “unfair”. Setting up a macro is simple and available equally to everyone. That’s the definition of “fair”.

I didn’t think asking you to elaborate would be so difficult (or get you so angry).

So you are admitting to cheating here? AGS, please check this dude’s account and ban him if hes cheating. Thx


It is unfair. and no it is not available to everyone.
Unless it is part of the requirements to play the game, it isn’t.
Stop trying to justify your stance, everyone here can see you’re a cheater

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its fallout 76 all over again the train wreck just keeps plowing deeper into the station…and nothing can stop it AGS…put in the overtime, and pay out hard for it or the gamers, a fickle bunch, will be long gone

Besides macro this animation canceling works even without marco with a bit training and if someone get banned for animation canceling without macros they should, shutdown NW and put it back in alpha because if the argumentation pops up “this is an exploit and exploit is bannable” nearly everyone in this forum could get banned because the game is a big single exploit itself.


Except they are obviously exploiting, not just stumbling upon unintended mechanics. Stop trying to support cheaters.


So if someone uses an ice gauntlet in war he should get banned too because he produces lags and thats kinda exploit?

Exactly , i got a razor naga Trinity with 7 buttons, how difficult do People think this is without a macro? Put light attack on n1 sidebutton, the skill that cancels the animation on 2 and weapon swap on 3. Press 123 in quick succession . There you go animation cancelling without a script.

If animation cancelling isn’t allowed they should make a statement. And if so probably integrate it into the game that it isn’t possible. I agree macroing shouldnt be legit. But it’s easy to do just manually …
So either they state it’s not allowed and fix it on their end of they allow animation cancelling but not macroing of it.


If he is caught making a video tutorial explaining how to make wars lag by using ice gauntlet intentionally, yes ban him. Stop trying to defend cheaters, maybe you are one too?


I stop defending “cheaters” aka persons that do amazons quality insurance testing and publish this exploit to get fixed when you stop “white knighting” AGS for their decisions. Because if no one would ever publish this exploits a few single persons would use it without reporting anything and AGS would care less for fixing it. So stop shit talking dude.

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Showing the exploit is much different to abusing it for hours and hours by exploiting it for high level dungeon content.

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Guys just wait till ags makes a statement? For all you Know they actually think of animation cancelling as a feature (quite many mmorpgs do tbf) . I agree on the macroing not being legit but this is perfectly doable without a macro.

We don’t Know wether this is what ags intends or not till they make a statement about it.

Bro did you even watch the videos

Yes hence the part about macroing that i said.but you can do it without macro as well…
I agree on the macroing of it that it should be A bannable offense. But for animation cancelling itself we need to Know first wether ags intends to have animation cancelling in the game or not.

Lol I hope you are trolling, do you see how much damage this exploit is doing?

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your logic is stupid, by assuming this: the gas pedal is easily accessable to everyone, so even if there is a speed limit i can go 50kmh fast and its still fair?! no its not.

Same goes for the counter in a super market, everyone has feet, so why wait in line? i overtake everyone and i am faster then them, they can do the same its fair…?

Do you get my point, before saying something that makes no sense, dont comment at all please.


What is the exploit? Thé animation cancelling? Or the macroing of it? Animation cancelling is a feature in many mmorpgs and for now we don’t Know ags Stance on it wether they want it in their game or not (Dodge roll cancel works the same way).

Now for the macroing of it that’s another issue altogether. This is and should be bannable (third party software isn’t allowed )

The animation cancelling is perfectly doable at the same rate without using macro’s though.

We just need to wait on Ags Stance wether they want animation cancelling to be in their game or not. As of yet they haven’t made a statement yet. For the macro’s they’re using yeah that’s third party software so that’s a bannable offense.

Yeah dude its totally a feature of the game

Animation cancelling could very Well be a feature/ part of it… Look at other mmorpgs (Elder Scrolls online for example). You Cant Know wether it’s intended to be in the game or not till thé People that made the game say it is or isn’t…

So let’s just wait out ags statement of it. They’re the ones who Know what they want in their product. If they say no animation cancelling so be it, otherwise People are free to use it as long as they don’t macro it.