Ban thos Xpoilter

About time you start to ban players,i see on Vega server ALOT of purple/Yellow using the Hatch xpoilt.And i see the same when i watch twitch where Yellow on the server [AUS] ADIRI use it to in pvp.Xpoliters should be removed from game.Cuz they will Xpolit everytime they find a new xpolit.


What exploit would that be ? Since i have not heard of any new exploit since they fixed the damage one. Many do use the hatchet and switch to it just before they would die for the 3 second immortality to try and get away or get healed though. But that is not an exploit.

There are currently two Hatchet exploits.

  1. A Perk in the Throwing Tree gives +150% Crit Damage to all Attacks done with thet Hatchet.

  2. Some unknown way to me Hatchets can Spam Lightattacks at 3x the Speed they should be.

1+2 = Disaster.

Massive Damage thanks to ~280% Crit Damage and 3x Hit Speed.

AGS should implement GMs on each server and really come Busting down on Exploiters, everyone should be aware that there are consequences to offending the Rules. Currently I don’t feel like anyone is supervising Players and Punishing them accordingly, resulting in massive Exploit abuses.

Agree they should have GM ingame,so player that Xpolit get banned,cuz we see the same player over and over again Xpoit,i Report them but still see them ingame.And i hear from others player on others server to,same problem.xpoliters don’t see to get banned and that destory the game.They need to start to hear us,cuz i get sick of thos Xpoliters.

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