Banned for making a joke about bot coin sellers and hatchets

Hello, I am referring to following post:

Legumator (Karpathenburg) was banned for memeing about Marauders complaining about hatchets because they were accusing Syndicate to abuse hatchets when it was a thing. We tried everything to get him unbanned but the support was no help at all, tickets either. This is incredibly unfair and there was no intent to sell at all. The ticket moderators do not want to look into it and discuss the ban and yet I see someone who did the very same thing get unbanned.

Can you look into it @TheLawRich please, like you did for this man, and do the same for Legumator, it’s 100% the same situation, Legumator put 500 hours into the game and got banned unfairly with reports from Marauders because of it, they even admitted doing so. It was just before a war for Everfall.

Thank you and I hope you guys can do the right thing.

A permaban is not warranted in this case and it’s been more than two weeks now.
We tried everything from Amazon customer service to forums to tickets, someone said he would look into it couple days ago because I complained about real bots roaming the world that I reported for over three weeks and Legumator gets perma banned for one joke.

Please. You can investigate him the way you want, you will see it was always legit 100% and nothing wrong ever happened even with chat logs.

I wouldn’t be posting on the forums, again, if after 3 tickets and multiple talks and threads someone real would look into it, not a bot with bot answers as the tickets always give.

The thread about gave me hope and it’s time to do the right thing.


After all story i heard about the Support - Good luck Bud !

Thank you. I am just hoping for visibility from @TheLawRich so he can do the same for him…

It’s been weeks now trying to find someone willing to help and really look into it

I honestly am pretty annoyed with the complete lack of communication. I don’t know what Legumator was or wasn’t doing but I have seen the correspondence between he and Amazon Games Customer Support and it’s pretty damn terrible on behalf of AGS. To copy paste a response to every person requesting/appealing ban and not provide any information as to why they were banned is unacceptable. It’s one thing if the Anti Cheat Client flagged them as using 3rd party programs to gain a competitive advantage, but assuming this was not the case then a real person should give a real response about what was done and why it was so unacceptable that a perma ban was necessary and not any warnings or temporary suspension.

I really hope that AGS at least takes a look at this and provides further context and explanation for why a perm ban was necessary.


I agree with you

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This definitely needs more visibility

@TrevzorFTW any chance we can get some feedback on what the ban was for exactly and why it needed to be permanent? Hard to understand why making a joke even if it was misinterpreted would resulting permaban? I mean you guys keep chat logs right can see the context?

Also please, I don’t want any community managers or moderators come here and post the same bot answer telling me to go through tickets and such. This was tried multiple times getting bot answers too about people not wanting to even look at it.

I just want A REAL HUMAN to look into Legumator’s case and see that he is NOT AT ALL a coin seller or whatever you guys banned him for for just ONE JOKE in the damn global chat about Marauders complaining.

Do the right thing, don’t give a bot answer please.
The dude in the thread was unbanned, please be fair and do the same for him.

He spent more than 500 hours grinding this game for mass reports about ONE joke, while I reported the same bots over and over in Karpathenburg and they are still roaming the world.

Thank you please look into this.

:pensive: :pensive:

still no news?

Nope. Keep getting ignored and keep getting bot answers from the moderators, they keep closing threads and redirect to making a ticket even if we tell them it’s not helping, they’re not answering and they give bot answers too when they do answer.

It just seems no human reviewing the case and it’s frustrating. Any human looking at his case would unban him right away.

They just don’t bother to read the posts. They don’t understand we come on the forums in the hope to get visibility from a human and that they change their ways.

They want feedback, yet you give a feedback and they silence you.

In the meanwhile, player base keeps declining and customer service is at its lowest…

it’s a good game and have massive potential to take over the mmo ranking, yet I see no desire to do so from them…

Can someone from the team even bother read this?

Saying the mass reports does not result in a ban is false.

How can bots roam the world for three weeks (reported two of them for more than three weeks, they were still roaming the world taking nodes and etc.

Yet, with proof of mass report from yellow and green, getting several warnings to a lot of our top PvPers and some getting banned, this is such a lie.

As of December 5th, 2021, our server has been noticing a mass spree of temporary bans and in 2 cases, permanent bans, following mass reports from other faction.

Server: Karpathenburg

Backstory: Due to relatively low population in our server, 6 weeks ago a large number of Syndicate members faction transferred to Marauders in an attempt to light a spark in server PVP. Which, in and of itself, is a great way to renew positive, in-game, conflict. After 2 weeks, they had successfully taken over major Syndicate territories. They spent days saying that their sole intention was to take over the map, then server transfer to a higher population server (We have screenshot evidence of all these interactions). Such being the nature of the game, where territories are constantly won and lost, none of us took mind of these comments, as it gave the majority of us more reason to “fight back” and earn those territories back. That is the game, right?
Fast forward 3 weeks. We’ve finally managed to win our first takeover attempt after numerous tries and unsuccessful defenses. This is when the breaking of ToS begins. Enemy faction and players “x-z” start discussing via 3rd party chat tools (Also have screenshot evidence) that they will start mass reporting Syndicate members that chat in global anything that can even remotely be seen as “Abusive Behaviour”. All of these interactions have been screen shotted, multiple small streamers from enemy faction have voiced these coups and up until 2021-12-03, none of it had amounted to anything, so we gave it no second thought.
2 days ago, our faction finally succeeded in taking over the map. Be it due to numerous enemy faction players server transferring out, our numbers increasing, and a plethora of other reasons, we had nonetheless, succeeded in our goals.
Unfortunately, it in turn gave more a reason for enemy faction members to start mass reporting any form of global chat from Syndicate members. Mind you, I myself have never received a warning, or have never been banned, but a LARGE number of players in my playgroup have received warnings, with a handful of them receiving temporary bans, 2 of them being “upgraded” to perma bans.
I believe these to be unsubstantiated, unfair, and with the stack of evidence we have pointing to improper usage of the reporting tool, should be overturned.
Appeals for both these players have been started, but seeing how the majority of perma bans are handled, I fear nothing positive will come out of this.
Due to the circumstances mentioned above, I believe a forum post is justified, because if this happens here, it happens in all other servers, and should be quashed and adapted as quickly as possible, before other players at large start being unfairly banned.

Please, AGS, look into these allegations.

If any further information is required, any and all will be provided. This needs to stop and be properly dealt with.

Thank you.

I also love how the community managers, mods, customer service answer every threads except this one


Bots keep roaming the world while real innocent players are getting banned

You wont get any response. At most a community manager saying to appeal thru the webticket.


Yeah and unfortunately the webtickets are not helping at all because it’s bot and copypasta answers… xD

What a nice loop we’re all in, gotta be lucky to actually have someone real review the case

Join the queue. I’ve been waiting for over 30 days for mine. It’s so frustrating when you see other people got their help from devs straight out of this same forums, but they ignore the rest of us.

For my case I already gave up on their “WebSupport” and I am taking other approaches.

Indeed man. Incredibly unfair but hey, we are valued customers!

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