Banned for making a joke about the coin bots. 12 days later, no response about my appeal UPDATE: Unbanned

The only jokes I can see here is Customer Service and Easy Anti Cheat.

They are definitely either lying or incompetent, either way they should be replaced.

I’ve made so many reports on bots that are still in game, yet I know 3 people who have been banned for “cheating”, not just “oh my friend that I spoke to online a couple of times” I’m talking people I have known for 18, 25 and 30+ years, they would straight tell me had they been cheating and we would have a laugh about it and they would just buy another account, not spend weeks fighting customer service after they said it was an “error” only to have them stop responding.

I don’t even play the game anymore, I sit there and report bots as they come past me all doing the same loop around the Monarchs Bluff iron nodes and Everfall Trading Post for months on end, nothing ever gets done about them. I’ve watched one go from level 14 to level 42 just by hitting the same 20-odd nodes for weeks on end.

The whole system is a farce.


This doesn’t make any sense…


OP got perma banned for saying a joke and you’re saying it’s deserved? You should actually apply to the Amazon Games Support team. Hell, apply to be a developer. You know what happens in other games? You usually get a warning, maybe even silenced for a day or two. You don’t go straight to a perma.

You would know this if New World wasn’t the first game you touched in your life.


Couldn’t agree more.

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The exact same thing happened to me. I appealed, and after a week, they reversed my ban


Hi -

I’m releasing your ban. There were many people who reported you (with your gold seller line), so it seems you’re very popular on your server. With your explanation there is enough context to say you weren’t actually trying to sell - although many people on your server apparently thought you were. This was not an automatic ban.


Is that an implication that there are automated bans for in game moderation?


Question is :

How can you (human) tell, and not the “human” who banned the OP?


No, it’s not. We don’t ban automatically on reports (this has been said before, but repeating for emphasis).


Thank you for clarifying that for me.

I appreciate your communication.

No problem. It seems often mistaken elsewhere, so I wanted to clarify.


Also, I forgot to say - sorry about this. It’s corrected now but I’m sorry it was so disruptive.


@Free.Rev.Zareh Grats dawg. You got unbanned. Sure wish I had a dev explain to me how I was cheating in the game though to warrant a perma ban for cheating when I wasn’t cheating.


I won’t insist any further, but I have to ask one last time ;

why were you able to tell the OP did not deserve the reports and not the person who banned the OP?


So why do so many people get banned by malicious mass reports, and why do all the bots we’ve reported remain in game after full 5 weeks of being reported multiple times a day by multiple people, along with video and pictoral evidence?


@TheLawRich I wonder the same thing. I have been reporting mining bots on my server for days with no action taken. Yet this guy gets banned in minutes of a joke? Explain that one…


It sounds to me like “Mass reporting” doesnt result in an auto-ban but does put you at the head of the queue for AGS Support to look into the reports. So the reports arent getting seen as they a made, they are being looked at based on how many reports come in. Which is basically the same thing … So Mass Reporting does in fact work.


@TheLawRich Someone in management needs to have a serious team briefing with the Game and Forum moderation teams because they cannot seem to grasp the context of the reports they acting on.

I am sorry to say but they seem to be over zelous and/or very incompetent.


It’s good that the situation resolved in a positive way, but the lesson we all learned is not to make jokes about selling coins because the person, who will apply a ban, will not know the context.


yeah, except in normal conditions, we should be able to joke without being banned…

the answer to this problem is not “do not joke”…