Banned for no reason - 7+ web tickets - livechat support 30 tries - logs still not reviewed

we cannot even review your link at least not me - i get notification “its private”
so i m guessing they just try to silence the unjustified banned people.
Doesnt surprise me anymore its just sad and anything else then a justice system.

#free Aomey
#free Innocent

We did exactly the same thing, that’s how we got this mail address

But still no answer this is total BS.

Actually I think that they don’t care, but at least we will spam them until we get bored and just give up with the idea of playing such a broken game

I completly agree on this; i’m not experienced enough on “player rights” to argue and since AGS is from USA i was under the impression that there was no “due process” and if they have evidence they can just do what they want without proving anything.

The ToS is very vague and doesn’t say that they can just take corrective action without proving anything; in fact i’m pretty sure that they have “burden of proof” so they should have to prove that someone is guilty by showing the evidences and right now they cannot prove it. The system that provide proof (the logs) is automated and i’m pretty sure that it’s fucked up.

At this point i’m even starting to think they want these people to buy another copy; they didn’t IP ban, nothing in their action says “do not do it again” since a malicious player will just get another account and do malicious shit all over again. They just did an action for the public image, “yes we banned accounts don’t worry; 90% of the problem is solved”. What a joke. Nothing is solved.
They just keep banning innoncent people. Just check reddit and stories; Some dude was having an issue with transfer; for 2 weeks he was asking for a solution to finally transfer; what did they do? Ban him. Like WTF??? Who does that !

Most of the time yes, but whats the point to cheat/exploit, with your main account, when you are GM of a 80ish guild, and have land that pop hundreds K of golds.
TLDR there is none

Luis Sebastian [20:23:08] : I understand that you feel that the moderation team is not giving you enough information for your case. Unfortunately I don’t have that information so I won’t be able to provide it.

Me [20:23:25] : The moderation team is a ghost

Me [20:23:30] : And sometimes

Me [20:23:33] : After a good lunch

Me [20:23:35] : Sometimes

Me [20:23:45] : 1 guy checks a ticket and do some proper support

Me [20:24:02] : If his wife did a great job the night before

Me [20:24:06] : If the lunch was good

Me [20:24:10] : If he got a paycheck raise

Me [20:24:14] : He takes ONE TICKET

Mama mia at least we can have some fun with techs LELEEEEEE

I have made an extensive feedback post about the whole ban (and tech support too) system and AGS Support.

Spread the word

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It’s not based on the location of AGS, rather where they sell. If they have sold you the game (basically a software license) in Brazil, they have to follow Brazilian laws. It makes it even easier if they already have a HQ. And yes, their ToS is vague and abusive, since it states that they are the one to decide what is unfair play and they will have the final saying.

I have discussed on my thread; if you really feel that you were wrongly banned seek out your rights from your country. Most countries have customer protective laws and a small claims court that would accept any case against a multi-billion dollar company.

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They will probably reply saying they are not the team to handle issues and to appeal a ban make a web ticket.

Been there, done that. Spent like 2 hours with support, after several transfers I got a guy that wanted to help and said he found where to send my case “Amazon Games Specialist Support”, they wouldnt answer call in. He did make a case and sent to them; This is the e-mail I received (mind you it’s in portuguese, since I’m from Brazil, but you can understand how well they care about their customers)

Guys I have some gold chat history to share with you, but I’m just waiting a couple minutes

This is deadly

He got 10 mails like that this is a joke

mods look here

Thelawrich needs to look here, he’s the only one who unbanned someone so far from the forum

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Then why aren’t they following the law of the country Aomey is from ?
Cause what they are doing is illegal there :x

Yeah, I just looked at that thread, strange how no response from any Staff until AFTER I posted that bit of information…

That’s just completely out of order and generally poor mismanagement.

Again, it’s sad to see yet another reason for people to have to stop playing…

The previous thread in question.

In regards to the person who is dealing with their ban, it’s not right they did this to you by closing the previous thread.

(Apologies in advance if this thread gets locked after this comment)

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Justice for Aomey !!

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John 11:25-26 : "Aomey said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?’


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Three legit players banned = 7 people who no longer log in.

No-one in my friend group plays anymore because they banned three of us for no reason.

They straight admitted one was in error on her first appeal, still took 35 days to get access to her account back, she played for another 4-5hrs and then quit because there was no-one else to play with - except the dozens of bots who conga line around the same 20-odd iron nodes in Monarchs for week after week.

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I know this might sound absolutely crazy, but there’s people who are really well off in games that still cheat and exploit. Another thing that might sound absolutely crazy to you is that the majority of people that do this don’t think they’ll get caught or have action taken against their account. You can scream at the top of your lungs “Free so and so they are innocent”, but the reality is you don’t know if they are actually innocent.

It’s really this simple. If he didn’t do anything wrong then the ban will be lifted. If he cheated/exploited or did something else against the TOS that caused the banned this person more than likely isn’t coming back. The sad part is even if someone did do cheating and exploiting there’s a small chance they could still come back, that doesn’t mean they were innocent though.

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