Banned for no reason - 7+ web tickets - livechat support 30 tries - logs still not reviewed

I just gave advice you didn’t know even though your friends are rude. Relax. Rude doesn’t get you what you want. I’m just a nice guy.

Pull his own Amazon data. It is thorough. I get it. You are new here

lets go



What Amazon data can he pull? He doesn’t even know what got him banned. And what does me being new here have to do with using my brain? I don’t get your reasoning at all.

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Stop touching your keyboard in the forum and google it. Tantrums are silly.

Click your account and start going through the menu. You will find it. Not rocket surgery.

All of your Amazon data collected is available to you, even in NW

@ForumDad If you would of acutally taken a second to read the post i linked you would see if you pull your amazon data it shows this

you would see it doenst show jack squat. We just want some real evidence on why people are getting banned and none of the appeal process or pulling your own data can do that LMAO

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what useful evidence can you find leading do a ban? show me and i will stop quit. ignoring my comments

And even with this possibility, you think it’s much better to go through more than 500+ hours of gameplay data than just get the devs to point out what he got banned for in the first place? Man, this is not a tantrum, I’m just amazed at how your mind works.

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Nothing in database is scary. You choose the words which you “think” will be good for online arguement but you miss the point everyone ehre talks about, which is about giving the evidence, give us evidence and we will comply with it, its not about “because we think he is innocent unban him” but rather amazon should “thouroughly review the logs” and provide the logs upon which his ban was implemented.

No saving this fool. Keep pandering and losing.

You are welcome for the free advice and free traction to your thread.

Next time you will pay. I hope you find a new friend to replace the one missing here. Try a puppy. They don’t cheat.


Do you know what time it is ?

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im not even on his server and ion know the name of the guy who got banned. I’m just arguing player rights with you my g. so would you respond to my comments

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not my thread. Its someone else’s thread, who i don’t know, whos post is on the top page as of right now. and i simply used it as evidence. quit ducking.

Please unban our game leader!


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dont leave D:

You’re wrong.

On my post on the Feedback forum I have provided a link to a person that was banned, appealed over 3 times and all got declined, he then posted on forums where a Dev actually took time to look into his issue, saw it was a wrong ban and unbanned him.

He quit responding because he has nothing to say

That’s the only thing we are asking for, a dev who could take time to review this specific case.
The customer support not doing their job is a big issue.
We are there making noise about Aomey, but there are probably more people not having friends or guildmates supporting them.



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