Banned for no reason - 7+ web tickets - livechat support 30 tries - logs still not reviewed

Do you know what time it is ?

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im not even on his server and ion know the name of the guy who got banned. I’m just arguing player rights with you my g. so would you respond to my comments

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not my thread. Its someone else’s thread, who i don’t know, whos post is on the top page as of right now. and i simply used it as evidence. quit ducking.

Please unban our game leader!


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dont leave D:

You’re wrong.

On my post on the Feedback forum I have provided a link to a person that was banned, appealed over 3 times and all got declined, he then posted on forums where a Dev actually took time to look into his issue, saw it was a wrong ban and unbanned him.

He quit responding because he has nothing to say

That’s the only thing we are asking for, a dev who could take time to review this specific case.
The customer support not doing their job is a big issue.
We are there making noise about Aomey, but there are probably more people not having friends or guildmates supporting them.



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btw, customer support and ban appealing service are reaching a new bottom here in AGS. I thought that certain companies are really bad, but this is beating them all at once. How many customers have you lost by banning legit people, I wonder…


#JusticeForAomey peepoRiot

I legit hope that you’ll get permabanned out of nowhere, then you’ll be a cheater aswell


Go home


All we ask is a fair review of his logs, at least he would know WHAT triggered the ban.


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time to up this post.
I was wondering ( in case we have some answers one day ) how was calculate the bantime of people.
Because that streamer guy Solidfps only got 24h00 hours ban so far for that genesis exploit ( and looking at his stream we know for fact that he did it for a while, on stream, showing people how to do it ) while some people got 7days ban for the same exploit.
/discuss ?



30 tries??? Like most support queues if you made 7+ tickets or adding 29 comments to a ticket more than likely you bumped your ticket(s) to the top of the queue. And do you know who big this queue probably is??? EXTREMELY LARGE as there’s almost 1 million people who own the game. That was probably the best case scenario as if you’ve spammed tickets there’s a chance they’ve been flagged.

I always love the support tickets where friends try to rescue their banned friends because they cheated/exploited. Just a little insight, most of the time the person did cheat and they aren’t giving their "friends’ the facts or leaving out details.

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Banned for “cheating” too, i may being stupid enough not knowing what filthy action i may have done, fought 2 weeks for answers and only 3 days agos i reached someone on live tchat, he send a ticked for me after an 1h of talking, he told me to wait for 3 days + then he’ll send me a answer hoping for an unban and what triggered the ban.

I’m not unban yet but i’ve never been this far after so much struggle.
Live tchat seems to be still the only way…
Good luck.

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we cannot even review your link at least not me - i get notification “its private”
so i m guessing they just try to silence the unjustified banned people.
Doesnt surprise me anymore its just sad and anything else then a justice system.

#free Aomey
#free Innocent

We did exactly the same thing, that’s how we got this mail address

But still no answer this is total BS.

Actually I think that they don’t care, but at least we will spam them until we get bored and just give up with the idea of playing such a broken game

I completly agree on this; i’m not experienced enough on “player rights” to argue and since AGS is from USA i was under the impression that there was no “due process” and if they have evidence they can just do what they want without proving anything.

The ToS is very vague and doesn’t say that they can just take corrective action without proving anything; in fact i’m pretty sure that they have “burden of proof” so they should have to prove that someone is guilty by showing the evidences and right now they cannot prove it. The system that provide proof (the logs) is automated and i’m pretty sure that it’s fucked up.

At this point i’m even starting to think they want these people to buy another copy; they didn’t IP ban, nothing in their action says “do not do it again” since a malicious player will just get another account and do malicious shit all over again. They just did an action for the public image, “yes we banned accounts don’t worry; 90% of the problem is solved”. What a joke. Nothing is solved.
They just keep banning innoncent people. Just check reddit and stories; Some dude was having an issue with transfer; for 2 weeks he was asking for a solution to finally transfer; what did they do? Ban him. Like WTF??? Who does that !