Banned permanently for cheating and I don't know why

@Jochoo , a Customer Service agent, who has no access to dev tools, closed my thread about me being banned for permanently cheating when I in fact was not cheating.

Reference threads:

This and that thread are for developers as the CS teams have no way to access tools that devs have to actually check why I am banned for cheating when I didn’t cheat. I have already submitted multiple appeals and still waiting with no answer other than something along the lines of, “Your ban is justified and merited. Don’t appeal. Go away.” (makes no sense since I didn’t cheat).

Please don’t silence my thread because I’m actually trying to get some help from a @Developer as those are the only people who can actually look into the matter and the only ones that can actually provide help and anything of value.

This is Day 4 of being permanently banned for cheating when I didn’t cheat.

Thanks for the amazing help in telling me where to go though.


You can DM me too @Developer instead of replying here as well.

Your post was removed because bans are supposed to be going through the new world support ticket/live chat for appeals.

Customer support has more than enough right to close forum posts that do not conform with the policies put in place for the forums. If you go through the right channels, you can get this worked out, but don’t go around the rules set up.

If you can’t follow the rules of a forum, it’s very safe to say that you’d be willing to go around the in-game rules and get banned for doing so.

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It wasn’t.

I have used this, multiple times.

Actually incredibly false. Proven on Steam, Reddit, here, other social media sites, etc.

Yeah man, this makes complete sense.

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Closed, same thing.

You can easily ask for higher staff to be involved in your ticket. I have had many tickets where customer support directs questions to developers in live chat.

Indeed, it does.

Closed and removed are two different things.

I have, was told they don’t exist.

Prove it, I’m constantly told that Live Chat CS is the last point of contact.

It’s incredibly fun and a really great way to spend my time to try to get my account unbanned because I was permanently banned for something I clearly wasn’t doing. That something being cheating.

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It’s probably because I mentioned that they close threads to make the problems go away, which they keep doing, especially when I mention that they are.

They completely inept and unsuitable for the job.

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Add something useful or naff off back to whence you came troll.

Thanks, now this thread is going to get closed too!

Don’t worry, all of this is being saved and will be sent to Amazon customer support and the EU consumer protection office. The more they act like this the worse the outcome will be for them.

It’s also very clear to me that there is a possibility that you might’ve been less than friendly in your discussions with support.

Maybe instead of a “i dont know why i was banned” ticket. You look at applications you have hosted on your computer, list them according to possible EAC flags and ask support.

Take a logical step process in determining your ban reason instead of an empty slate, as most game developer policies do not allow support to give a ban reason specifically.

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I’ll go ahead and link this from the other thread to save you the trouble.

Steam Account: Steam Community :: catgrease
(This is the same account that was used to administer/moderate Rustafied’s Official RUST Servers. Even had interactions with Facepunch and EAC devs with this account. This is also a Steamworks Authorized Account. There is absolutely zero reason for me to be cheating on this Steam account and I don’t have any plans to start cheating on this account, especially with a game like New World.)

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It’s very clear to me you’re a stuck up clown who thinks they sound smart by trying to belittle people and their problems on internet forums. jesus get a life.

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I don’t know how long you’ve been playing games. MMO’s in particular. But almost every single MMO I’ve played, if not all that exist, have dedicated front/backend systems for the players. Even the scummiest downright 100% scam MMO’s have some kind of systems in place for the players. Amazon doesn’t have that. The same support you get is the same support that handles your issues ordering your next anime pillow with 1 day prime shipping. That’s why I’m trying to reach out to the @Developer 's on the forums. I can’t even see if my ticket still exists, still opened, closed, answered, etc. This is very archaic in 2021 for gaming.

I even talked to someone on the phone today from Amazon. Same thing where they had no idea what New World was. They asked for an order id for my order and I said I bought the game through Steam. Still was asked for an order id. I wish I could make that up but I’m not. The support that you get connected through for New World connects you literally to support.

If it was an EAC ban, which it isn’t, I would also have a big fat red, very public, flag on my Steam account saying that I have a game ban.

Here is a perfect example @dominikIWNL

Like, what am I even appealing my ban appeal to?

“Do get back to us if you have further questions/concerns regarding images on Amazon.”

“You may create a new case for any other imaging related concerns by using the “Contact Us” option in Vendor Central.”

“This is Mark, a specialist from Amazon Games Studio (AGS)”

Vendor Central. Amazon Games Studio.

I’m literally being asked if I submitted an appeal, in an appeal.

It’s like these templates aren’t even proofread at all. This is a reply from AGS to someone being banned for questions or concerns regarding images on Amazon, from a viewpoint of someone selling on Amazon?

It’s like 5 different things jammed into one template.

Come on.


Welcome to the world of horrible, horrible amazon customer disservice~!


Hope you’re all doing well. It’s Day 5, another day of no answers and nonaction.

Please make sure to avoid posting multiple appeals as it may or may not reset your ticket’s Queue time to get a response.


there is no actual moderator. it gets thrown into a machine that spits out 1/5 different emails.