Banned permanently for cheating and I don't know why

Oh I have. I have done just that.

Then why are you surprised it’s been 5 days with no response? :stuck_out_tongue:
What if you reset your own queue? would you still be as upset?

Just so you know- I posted a ticket because I was locked out of the forums and it was asking me to create an account instead of sign in. simple enough right? it took 2, 1/2 days, but I only put 1 ticket in and just waited.

I’ve gotten a bunch of responses. Everything from random broken gibberish to things like, “It’s merited. Justified. Don’t appeal again. Don’t talk to us.” Paraphrased ofc. But I have to continuously make a new appeal because I know for a fact I wasn’t cheating.

but they don’t :stuck_out_tongue:
I wont ask what all you were doing to be considered cheating (Could have been exploiting too) or hording trophies that were duped or things of that type of junk but yeah… Sorry to hear. keep your chin up.

You can read the big post I posted linked above, that’s about what I was doing in-game. I have a very sad account with a max GS of 542. Only things I have at 200 are Mining and Skinning. Not a Governor of a Company and 100% didn’t mess with any of that dupe stuff. The one with the Voidbent and I guess the one with the trophies or w/e.

Day 6, here’s the latest response I got for an appeal that I submitted about a permanent ban for cheating when I didn’t cheat.

Day 9, still perma banned for cheating when I didn’t cheat. AGS silent.

Contact an attorney if you really didn’t cheat. Seriously may sound weird to the attorney but they have heard weirder. Ask them to write. Letter demanding the proof or face civil lawsuit for discrimination or something (attorney can read TOS and find the violation.) they can’t ban you if you didn’t do anything wrong that would be stealing your money… ask the CSR contact information for the attorney to send letter… may get you somewhere

If its day 9 it was deserved. Stop crying like a 5 year old and go play something else. Your candor and attitude have put you in the position you are in. I wouldnt help a snot faced brat like you either, especially since you actually cheated or exploited a bug to gain an advantage.

Bye Felicia.

Dawg if you can prove it, please, tell me how I cheated because I honestly have no idea.

I mean, I paid money for a game that I liked and that I liked playing, even spending what limited time my brother has to play games to play this game with him. Sorry I’m acting like a “snot faced brat” and “crying like a 5 year old” because I got perma banned for cheating when I wasn’t cheating.

Guess I should just bend over and accept it right?

I am impressed that you are still interested in even playing this game anymore with the toxic community, endless bugs, and lack of any real customer support. Kudos.

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It’s more of a principle at this point. I made another character on the same server, same faction, got to level 16 and realized how I really don’t want to level up another character. At least I have some interest in leveling up another character in a different mmo but this one? Nah.

My friend is going through the exact same situation, day 9. At this point, we would like to know the why. One guy said abusive behavior, another said cheating. Most of us are WAY more abusive than Ninja is, and as he is my IRL friend, I sincerely doubt the he cheated. The only thing we can think of was overwolf, which he just had running. He was live to discord last time he played, and didnt even have the minimap up. As far as we know, it was okay during the time period he had it installed. Was “not okay” AFTER he was banned, and is now told its okay.

Honestly, we need greater resolution. He bought some motes off the auction house. Was that it? We ran down a pvp flagged bot. Was that it? That 5 man team reported a gold seller spamming in global. Was THAT what did it? Ive never seen ninja do anything that the rest of us wouldnt do, yet here we are, ceasing use of auction house, leaving bots to their own devices, etc. I dont even wanna go farm an overworld boss, lest its cooldown time be faster than AGS expects, and I get hit for exploiting.

you guys got mass reported and auto banned
im in a similar boat atm

Anything new from the EU consumer protection? I’d like a feedback pls

I am unbanned.

Decided to randomly try to log into my character today, maybe seeing if I got unbanned without notification from Amazon and saw that I was unbanned.



But why just him, then?

cogratzzz mate, I hope they hear my voice as well ^^

Wow congrats dude, well done AGS 1 down 9,999 to go

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