Banned permanently for creating new characters?

hey, I think I got banned for creating new characters, I am not sure as it only says “banned for cheating” when I open the game. I made 3 appeal to ban already. and haven’t gotten any reply via email not even a conformation that they got my email. Also it said they will contact me shortly on the website but its been a few days already. I think this is very unfair to permanently with out any warning for creating new characters or I think that was the reason anyway. My main Character was level 60, So I feel like I wasted my time playing the game as i got banned for no reason. its just annoying that even the life chat staff tell you to wait for the appeal to get responded…and they cant even check if they got the appeal. the system is every slow and not good in my opinion.
I just want to play the game
Mani character name “Acno” and the character that i created was called “acno1” If any dev reads this please help

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Hello @fafnierX,

I’m sorry for the delayed response, we are not the correct department only the appeals team can review the bans, penalty appeals can only be handled through email. Please submit a web ticket here Appeal a Ban - Support | Amazon Games, if you have not already done so. Please do not submit multiple tickets, as that will only delay a review of your penalty.

Take care.

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