Banning innocent players for no reason

New World bans most of their players for no reason. Dupe people are still playing the game. Hundreds of accounts have been unfairly banned and posts are being deleted from the forum. Live support and tickets do not help in any way. On the contrary, automatic replies are given without reading the messages written. My girlfriend got banned for no reason while we were on the air. Our surprise is present in the broadcast clip. When we created the first ticket, we were told that there was no penalty on his account, it was a mistake. Then it was said that he was penalized from the cheating category and will not be corrected. We want concrete proof. We never get involved in such a thing, on the contrary, we stay away from people who interfere. As people who have spent up to 2000 hours on this game, we want this problem to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, while the game is about to improve, you will lose a large audience that has been playing the game since beta. We sent all the logs of the game as a file via e-mail. We still have not received an answer. Even if we get it, automatic replies are coming. This is a huge injustice. If it continues, we will sue. Our time is more valuable than you think!!!

You close the trades because there is a game gap (it’s your fault too). You are perm banning because people are buying items from the market. You should have closed the trading post as well. This is not people’s problem. Game developers fault. We are tired of getting answers like robots that have no solution. We sent everything down to our logs. You have to send us a proof.

We would cheat if we were scammers but we are not. We would have a lot of money in our account. Our items would have 3 perks and all would be 625+. But our accounts don’t have any of these. We’ve been trying to increase gear just by entering the dungeon for a week. There is no money in our accounts. Please think rationally and check these logs.



1 cheater less. :slight_smile:

Buy the game again and play fair. Have fun!


Now a lot of people are having this issue, they will probably unban again as there are obvious mistakes so be patient


@Community-Team @Luxendra discussion ban appeal on forum is not allowed, right? Please lock thread.

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Sir, you cannot take away my right to speak. I’m just defending my right now. I wish you were a little sensitive too. I don’t want to lose an account where I spent so much time unfairly. If you look at the images I shared, you can understand. If I had started this business, my account would have been full. Not so.


There are rules to dont talk on public forum about ban appeals. U only see ‘ur rights’ but not ur duty.

Should have thought twice or more times before cheating and abusing, trying to be smart.
Now coming with puppy eyes and playing victim card really dont work.

Also debating ur ban appeal on forum players CANT do anything. Mods will close ur thread sooner or later.

How do you know?

How do you know ?

And they took action to fix the issue. If people abused the bug, it’s not the dev’s fault.

Creating these posts is meaningless. I hardly believe the devs on these forums handle ban appeals. Besides, no one here will believe you got banned for no reason




I’m not the person having the problem, it’s my girlfriend anyway. I am trying to prevent this injustice.


Amazon should have banned both of u, cheaters.

I am defending our right here so that we cannot reach a conclusion by creating a ticket. We have 2000 hours of labor. If you knew us, you wouldn’t be talking like that. People shouldn’t be banned for using trading posts. Nobody knows that. If it is thought that there is a dupe item in trading, the developers should also close this place.


I think people who spew hate like you should be punished. I will no longer respond to you and your insults. If I’m a scammer, prove it to me concretely. After all, all logs are available in databases.

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Otherwise we will go to court.

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I guess you want to meet on the way to court by making such accusations to people you don’t know the truth with these insults and bullying?

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Greetings from Earth, we don’t do that here

Playing the game doesn’t mean you abused anything. If a bug happens, it happens. It is up to dev to remove unnecessary progress from your account. What matters is if it was done on purpose and reproduced with bad intents.

But that is correct. He has no fault. There is no behavior against the community. We think it was automatically banned. We hope it will be resolved as soon as possible. Everyone’s time is valuable in their own way. We do not deserve these insults and lynching. If there is such a thing, let them prove it to us concretely. We want to refute this thesis by proving it.

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Continuing the discussion from [Downtime] September 23rd, 2022:

You still have a chance. They are gonna double check their data and remove any unjust bans or remove ill gotten gains. But that will be after they fix the exploit.

So enjoy your vacation while the hole gets fixed and your account gets evaluated.

But I’m going to waste so much time, it’s unfair. It can happen to anyone. We don’t understand why people are so hateful and prejudiced. We are just defending our rights. We thank you.

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