Banning people for duping 1 or 2 times

I think banning people for duping 1 or 2 times permanently is a bit harsh, because you could do this dupe accidentally if you just switch your things in your hotbar.

If people duped over 10k items i get it that you ban them because then it isn’t accidentally anymore.

Depends on what Items they Cough cough duped 1 or 2 times …ie…stack off 100 of best 2 items etc …perma ban is the way to go.

Duping is duping. I’ve never heard of anyone accidently “duping” an item. If they did they should have reported it as a bug to cover themselves, problem solved.


even if you cover yourself (me), they still get banned. But the chat window is bugged and says “perma banned” for every message regardless of amount of time

other peoples must’ve moved their health pot or regen pots around and accidently duped a stack.

yeah ups sry i duped by accident 200k plz dont ban me ill never do it again cuz iam done now ty bb


There is not much of player base left to ban ppl who duped for test/by accident. AGS have to handle this cases somehow. Perma ban for people who duped a lot, but for others - i dont think its fair and needed in current state of the game.


we dont need playerbase we have server merges…i never heard that ppl useing techniques by !accident! to dupe things dupes happens 0.1% by accident and then it get abused …there should be a zero tollerance policy. you duped - go **** yourself play a other game. cheaters and other abusers should get a hardwareban and not only a softban in my opp. tze cheated by accident - what a joke :roll_eyes:

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if you understood how the dupe worked, you’d understand that it’s not only easy to accidentally do it… but unavoidable in some cases. Maybe do some research before holding such extreme opinions


I often move food and potions around my hot bar for opr so i hope that it didnt happen to me in the last few days

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I can garantee you, Amazon will NOT permanately ban your account for a glitch accidentally happening without your knowledge.
Amazon WILL permanately ban your account if you proceed to use the glitch intentionally.

If anyone did this one time and didn’t even notice, I GARANTEE they aren’t banned.


hope they dont bann people with buy orders… had some for sumptous rabbit ~ 80 coins ea which is normal but apperently someone sold a lot… ._.


cant guarantee something when you arent even on the team to decide

is the dupe frozen right now? iv been curious as i had a visual bug for a hot second that looked like it but i dont think it did anything.

I don’t believe amazon would ever ban someone for buy orders. Not only would that be wrong, it would be foolish to punish people for not doing anything wrong.

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i would recommend not trying it

Prove me wrong then…

im not going to. at work so i cant play atm but the fact that im chatting now means i probably didnt screw up in any way shape or form.

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agree …

as a software engineer i can tell you that there are some ways to check that dupeing happens by accident and on wich value and obviously i was talking about dupeing values not peanuts like potions or food

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