Banning players, good or bad?

I dont say is good or bad, i just share my thoughts and wondering!

According to Steam Charts New World - Steam Charts

I wonder if banning players is the right thing to do atm!?

First of all the game started so bad with so many bugs and problems that put it into the alpha stage and ofc ppl will always try to find ways to make things easyer to gain more to be better etc. as in any other game no matter what kind of game in all is the same.

Second thing, the fact that the game modified the TOS and forcing players to be agree with after they paid the product is … good or bad!? i duno but it rise question marks (i never seen this before, probably it happend and is usual but i never face it before)

Last thing and the most important is that i hate cheaters and i want to see them permanenetly banned not only on ip and or on machine but on irl id so they never ever be able to play again even if they buy the game again. But in this case, now, on this game since we know that over half of player base used all kind of bugs and exploits makes me to worry. Im afraid that the game will lose so many players while we dont have new players at all. Im afraid that the game will die. The game economy is already doomed, way to many ppl used the duped gold and items and those got into legit players accounts already… i dont see any way to repair this damage without a whipe which i dont like it at all.

What you guys think about all this? Im blocked, i dont know if i should be happy for the banns or if i should be sad because the game will start to die day by day.

You’re not saying if you’ve been banned unfairly or not, and either way you should be appealing your ban on the proper link provided in the ban message.

If you were banned fairly (i.e. the bad in your title), don’t expect sympathy here.


Did u just posted in wrong thread or…? i dont see any relevance with what you say and the topic.

In case, you, for some reason, refer to me as beeing banned, im not banned, i was never banned in any game i have played and i will never be banned because im legit 100%.

the game is not dying : )

And btw, dont need you back to the game so…good bye.

edited: r u banned or not? lolz if u r not banned, u should be those cheater r banned and no way around.

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Game will die faster if they don’t ban cheaters.


They need to be banning more people!

People will come back, and even new people will be interested, when they hear that Amazon are banning people who are cheating/exploiting.

When the community sees/hears that the company behind the game doesn’t give a shit, it unfortunately flows out to all areas of the Interwebs, and it continues to paint the game in a very bad image.


They are losing a lot of players for their lack of banning (no legit player wants to play with a game overrun with exploiters) so they are not doing these bans fast enough nor broad enough of a sweep.

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You’re kinda suggesting that you are banned (unless you meant something else with “block”).

Otherwise, what was the point of your post anyways? Take a screenshot of New World activity in the morning when most people are at work, school or do whatever else than play? For what purpose?

Enjoy the game and have fun (if you’re not banned).

Dude i know my eng is crap but bann and block are so much different… i meant that im blocked on the thought on what to think on the thing that if is good or bad for the game… so no, im not suggesting that im banned…


You’re conflating players being banned as player loss with players leaving as a result of abusive behavior.

People quit when they think their efforts are meaningless. I spent 12 hours mining orichalcum to get a void ore.

Its not a good feeling when I see some dude duplicating 10,000 of them and handing them out like candy. On my server im quite confident many people left upon seeing stuff like this happen. Banning the abusers lets people know that Amazon takes their concerns seriously and wants players to continue to feel like their efforts are “worth” something.

if caught in action cheating, well deserved ban, if banned by mistake, issue a ban appeal.

Basically the first wave of players was mostry hyped ones who think that new world is like a skyrim or something. Its normal that hype will go down ind it does. Now we have players who likes this game and guys with complexes who try to broke gameplay. So banning is a VERY GOOD IDEA.

The software development process is carried out very well. It’s normal to have bugs fixed first. People who do not comply with the terms of the license agreement are also a kind of bug. Therefore, banning them is simply a remedial process.

The green line u see there is not based on hours is the whole time from day 1 until present in real time. Also at the end (ofc if u read all) you see the numbers with statistic per 30 days…

Hours, ppl at work and school have nothing to do at all…

Banning exploiters is a must I would say. False bans, to what ever extent they exist, could be quite damning for the game assuming they do not get overturned.

False bans that get overturned will obviously cause annoyance but might be worth it to catch the actual culprits.

If they exploited gold or duped items they should be banned for ever.

If they either intentionally or unintentionally exploited weapon mechanics I think a temp ban is fair. Or at the very least a note saying you were using an exploit on a weapon, please be careful in the future.

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