Bans are apparently happening - thanks AGS!

cant see what this reply has to do in this post tho?

But i am sure that your friend got hes void from someone, and maby that someone didnt get them legal. Do you think they will let everyone who bought the armors / resources just stay in the game? a rare resource like this should never have ben in the game in theese numbers…

So, if I go onto the market, and buy a Void Ore that is listed for 10k, which shows ZERO way for me to know how it was, I deserve the risk of getting banned?

Along with this, there is a total of 4 listed on the market on our server. I highly doubt they were duped.

you should know better at this state. if you think about how rare they are

What happened was him and his friend were trying to find a new way to dupe after the patch, and screwed up…which got one of them banned. Nothing more.

I edited my post to contain a bit more information.

There is a total of 4 listed on the market on our server. The price has been stable around 10k since the release of the game. Asmodeum, Runic Leather, Phoenixweave, and more have all stayed at a fairly stable price, which if there was a massive dupe of items, I would assume the price would have definitely gone down.

I said…

I did not say…

Dude, don’t go dragging me into this. :rofl:

they turned down trading to deal with a gold dupe, creating a new gold dupe turned back on trading and the original gold dupe is still in game

this game is broken wherever u look
and all their patches thus far barely fixxed any problems but only caused new ones to appear

i dont know why u have any faith in ags handeling this situation, in every other MMO there would have been a complete server shutdown happening weeks ago when the first gold dupes were running.

thinking they will trace down all the cheaters, when they cant even ban them properly is nothing but dreaming.

And how would you think there would be 4 listed since the start of the game? :wink: anyway if he bought it without knowing this stuff he will be unbanned at some point for sure. But i doubt he will get hes void back

Considering I never quoted or tagged you, I never “dragged” you into anything. You have decided to place yourself into the conversation.

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go some where else to cry my man, i am not the right person

i stay here, feel free to ignore me tho

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You literally replied to me. You may not have meant to…but that little white 1 in a blue circle popped up for me and lo and behold there was your comment.


…as I recall I started this dang thread.

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I am willing to bet $1,000 USD that the moment he is unbanned, he will log in with his armor still.

I had mined two total Void Ore. I have watched the price as I was always trying to decide whether to make it into armor, or sell it on the market. The 4 ore that I mentioned was not ore that has just been sitting on the market for 4 weeks. Players buy ore, and more is listed. We are fairly low pop server, and a player who wants to, can probably farm one a day/every other day.

The circle you saw was just a reply to the thread. You can see replies to your individual comments by looking at the top bar of the message. Right next to the time since post.

Always glad to teach an irate individual a thing or two!

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Ok then, you posted a non-specifically tagged reply into the post I started…let’s not get pedantic, since it wasn’t shown as a reply to him either…and I responded to a comment in the thread I started. Mea culpa on the first part but not the second.

The last thing I want to do is get between you two - hell maybe you should both get a room.

Either way, at no point was I attempting to cause drama. That one individual continues to state that just because someone was banned, it means they are guilty. This sort of thing has been proven time and time again, that there is some sort of automatic ban system, or a lack of training inside AGS, as people get banned for things that just should not warrant a ban.

Either way, hopefully Amazon decides to respond to at least some of the posts, whether it is a smackdown, or an apology for a rushed and flawed new ban system.


That’s not how it works. Family sharing is only disabled if the publisher issues a Steam Game Ban on the profile, then the game is exempt from family sharing for the banned account only. Since bans are handled internally on New World and they are not Steam Game Bans, there’s no way to initiate this automatic behavior.

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I wonder - if they did bans via a license key blacklist - if they could make the whole family share thing a moot point. Beyond that, there’s no reason NW couldn’t issue steam game bans.

They are banning player by player, it’s not by steam key or hardware ID. The reason for not issuing Steam Game Bans is for the same reason family sharing is still not disabled: they might not know how to do it.

EDIT: apparently to enable Game Bans you must opt in for VAC and enable VAC for your game, so it’s a little bit more complicated than just turning the feature on and tweaking the code for banning players to ban the players on Steam.

However, it comes with a bonus:

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if they enabled VAC for New World, at least they can implement Game Bans and you can show off to the world that you got a Game Ban on your profile :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT2: and yes before someone asks it’s possible to have different anti-cheat software running within a game, it’s totally doable to have EAC and VAC on New World.


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Are you seriously saying AGS might not know how to issue steam game bans? Come on, let’s be serious here. I honestly don’t care how - today - they’re implementing bans. We know family share allows ban circumvention, it’s making that situation go away that’s the point.