Bans indiscriminate and without reason

Good morning,

I would never have imagined writing a few lines like that, but the situation is already unsustainable.

In less than 15 days I have received 1 Warning and 2 temporary BAN and I am really surprised by it and even more surprised by the attitude of AGS.

I put everything in context.

On April 25, just after a war, I take a teleport and start fishing, after 5 minutes I get a message on the screen with a warning of CHEATING.

I am totally stunned and review the code of conduct to see if I could have made a mistake; but it’s not like that.

I decide to exit the game and check the game equipment, but there is nothing; I only have the win10 operating system installed, the steam with some games, the Razer Central headset and mouse software and the Cortex XDR anti-ransomware antivirus from the manufacturer PaloAlto Networks.

There is absolutely nothing else.

The next day I decide to appeal the warning through the web form, I put all the data and attach the screenshot of the warning (all about me, I thought it was another BUG in the game).

The response from AGS is at 5 min. approximately and is even more surprising.

  1. Some XXX appear where the name should appear; This indicates that AGS does not review cases and cares very little about player issues. They simply have a template, copy it, paste it and put the name of the player and that’s it.

  2. They talk about the account being suspended, and always we are talking about a warning. In the appeal attach the screenshot. This is the interest that we talked about before; NO ONE checks the information and that is where the creepy attitude of AGS is.

  3. Once the copy and paste email has been sent, they inform you that they will not respond to any more emails on this subject; Great CASE CLOSED for AGS

AGS does not do a review of custom ban cases, as has been said by the forum on numerous occasions.

AGS DOES NOT show or provide information on the reasons why you are banned, therefore, AGS acts as JUDGE, POPULAR ACCUSATION, PROSECUTOR AND EXECUTIONER.

But all the adventures do not end here, on numerous occasions I try to get in touch with the chat, which says that they do not handle this issue, I keep writing asking for the reasons why they ban me to be able to defend myself and the only thing they do is another copy and paste from the same previous message.

I continue playing without problems and on May 4th, I receive a 3-day TEMPORARY BAN. I’m starting to worry because I don’t understand anything anymore. I file the appeal again, but I can’t present any evidence because I don’t know what is happening.

Within 5 minutes I get a response from the appeal department and I find myself with the same response as in the warning from a few days ago, but with an interesting detail that makes it more than evident that AGS neither reviews nor takes all this seriously.

They say that my account is still permanently banned.

I keep insisting that I want more information with the reasons for the ban, because nothing can be appealed if there is no information about it, but AGS doesn’t even bother to answer.

I wait for the 3 days of banning and fly to the game, without knowing what is happening; I keep doing my things, defending pushes, farming a bit, selling asmodeum in the market, chest routes with friends, attending wars…

And on May 15, I come out of a war that we lost (I come out pissed off) and I close the game; The next day I wake up and start the game and find myself with another temporary ban, this time for 7 days.

This already seems surreal to me what is happening. As has happened to me on other occasions, I decide to appeal, but a little differently from the other times.

I put a very simple and easy to understand phrase.

“In compliance with the GPRD, I request the “Subject Access Request” of the Amazon Games Studio account”

What do you think is AGS’s answer?

Again, they are still not reading and taking it as a joke, and we return to the same thing, the account is permanently suspended.


New World is a good game, with its problems, but little by little they are added. It has a serious content problem, which is not being delivered on time; The most serious of all is that it is managed and directed by totally incompetent people.

I’ve played 2000 hours and is it worth continuing to put hours into this game?

The answer is NO.

I am NOT going to play another hour when a company bans you for no reason and they are unable to review and provide the reasons why they ban you. You can’t have a fair defense because AGS acts like a real DICTATOR.

I’m NOT going to spend another hour because I don’t know if in a few days they’re going to ban me again, temporarily, or permanently.

The information I got from the Subject Access Request was the following:

Line 4 indicates a permanent ban on 04/25 which, as I show in the explanations, belongs to the ban warning.

If this is the information that AGS works with to ban a user, it seems regrettable to me.

From here I take the opportunity to say GOODBYE! And a big hug to the whole community with whom we have been laughing and having a good time!!!

We’ll see each other in another game, I won’t risk it being managed by AGS!!!

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can you tell us witch hack you use. I think they found it :wink:

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We already have the popular accusation, asking for the death penalty without having absolutely no proof

Well bro nice topic. We can see they have anticheat/bots. I suposed they are making it before arena releases. Lot of people boted since start of the game with 0 penaltys. First one i noticed that get baned. Nice job AGS . Late but at least… may be people stop hacking, boting

While i agree that all such players should be removed, the point of this topic (as i see it) isn’t about that. The issue here is that something issues bans and once that happens, nobody, not even AGS staff seems to know what is the ban for or what triggered it. It could be another player revenge-reporting someone, it could be EAC throwing false positives or it could be that the OP was actually cheating. The issue here is that nobody knows what the bans are for nor has any proof of any misconduct.

Something triggered the ban, fair enough.
What was it? How do you defend yourself when it happens to you? That’s the question i take out of this post.

P.S. i was never banned/warned in NW so i have no horse in this race. I am aware though that if i install a new antivirus for example and that triggers EAC for some reason, nobody will tell me that this was the issue so that i could uninstall the AV and continue playing. They won’t tell me because they don’t know what causes the bans.

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Another know-it-all… AGS has no idea why people are getting banned. Not that I am clear is that in 40 years I have not cheated in any game. NONE! Another one who accuses without having any information. You are pitiful. And NO, I’m not banned. If it is, I wouldn’t be able to post on the forum. And let’s see if you learn to read him a little and understand the little things, that it is useless to appeal a ban, if the party that sanctions does not provide the reasons and the facts that trigger the sanction.

There is no way to defend yourself because AGS does not give any information or facts that trigger it

Hi @Luxendra and @Wyvernn
Passing the ball from one place to another… It is not interesting to find a solution to the problem.

As previously mentioned, no one on the forums has the ability to assist with in-game moderation actions, only the Game Moderation team can.

I’ve forwarded this to the GM team but as moderation discussions can only happen between the involved player and that team, I’ll be closing this thread. Thanks for your understanding.