Bans NEEDED for immunity exploit

Love the new patch and all the fixes, i for one knew amazon was on top of things…the only piece missing is the bans. Territories were lost, hundreds of thousands of gold wasted, entire servers faction balance(who controls what cities) changed due to this game breaking abuse bug. Now that the patch has fixed it those who lost those territories to a game breaking exploit cannot use the same exploit to gain it back. This is the very definition of game breaking bug abuse that offers an advantage over other players and NEEDS TO RESULT IN BANS. I played wow classic and when blizzard refused to care about these kinds of things it sent the message that “If you find an exploit…use it as much as you can before it gets patched” and people totally did.

This literally ruined parts of classic and i would hate to see the same thing here. Send a message moving forward, come down swift and hard on those who abused this exploit (perm bans imho), this way when game breaking bugs are discovered moving forward people will be MUCH more likely to report them and avoid at all costs rather than exploit. I have faith you will do the right thing =)


We all know they will try and ban as little people as possible, I wouldnt expect anyone who has been exploiting this last week or two to receive any kind of ban at all, for one they wont want the bad press of banning thousands of players only a couple of weeks after launch, especially when most of them belong to the largest companies on their servers, secondly I very much doubt Amazon has anything in place to be able to check whether a specific player actually cheated or exploited in any way without having video proof.

Most games have logs that are quite easy to check, it does take time and money to have somebody do so…but they 100% have the ability.


I would not be so sure that they “100% have the ability” - all they have proven so far is that they really don’t know how to run an MMO properly.


I see…show us the MMO you run…


The company who used this exploit on Aeaea (Elevate Strongmen) have helped syndicate steamroll a map that was evenly split between syndicate and covenant, once the exploit was discovered. Both teams had five territories. Now covenant is about to lose their last.

This company has raised taxes to the maximum in all territories they control, and they have said they are going to delete all of the buildings back down to the lowest tier and then server transfer, having made hundreds of thousands of gold off of taxes.

This alone has everyone feeling like just uninstalling the game. Nobody plans to remain on this server, because it is essentially ruined by these toxic f***ers, on purpose.

No bans will ensure that all faith in amazon is lost and the game is abandoned by those who were on the receiving end of this exploit while Amazon allowed wars to continue, while Amazon allowed this toxicity to get as bad as it did.


LOL, so you have to be a chef to rate your meal? you have to be a mechanic to rate a car or diagnose an issue? OK :smiley:


What sort of response is this? I am not a Doctor but I still expect my Doctor to know how to be a Doctor if he is taking me as a patient.


THIS…i had a feeling there would be situations like this one and it’s just awful. Being able to use a bug to accomplish this NEEDS account action. I have faith something will be done. History in opther MMO shows that banned players generally don’t just walk away from the game…quite often they buy another account and continue to play, in fact most do so without exploiting again. If amazon is smart they will BAN.


I’m not saying they SHOULDN’T be banned, i’m saying they wont, because Amazon.

You don’t know what it actually takes to run a thing like this, you’re just another forum karen that’s crying because things don’t happen instantly. The complexity of running an MMO, ESPECIALLY at launch is staggering. If you knew that…you wouldn’t be doing your chicken little “the sky is falling, everything is garbage” post everywhere you go.


Oh, OK, but yeah obviously you do :smiley: And please don’t project, there’s clearly only on person near to tears in this thread.

Blizzard banned the sh*t out of people for using exploits in PvP in WoW. The same needs to be done here. it is a violation of ToS. If we don’t get massive ban waves, and SOON, then the game is dead. These folks can’t have time to push their coin, materials, etc to other accounts in anticipation of a ban.

I get you want to make out like its complicated and all, but this is 2021. Ban waves for exploit abuse were doable pretty quickly in 2006.

MMOs being big and complex is not an excuse for Amazon to not be able to take swift action.

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i agree, they need to send a message early into the lifespan of this game or people will continue to abuse every bug they find.


Timeliness is important in this regard. Use of the exploit comes at the cost of the gaming experience for other actual players. For most, exploiters have undone weeks worth of progress that companies have worked for, wasting all the money, resources, and time that went into building up those cities.

Amazon doesn’t need our sympathy in this instance. They need to feel the outrage and understand that what they have done is unacceptable. They have known for weeks that this was happening.

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I’m curious about how tf did people find this bug.
“Let me shake my window real quick here… oh, I’M INVINCIBILE!”.

It is amazing, the ways people find to break things.

the idea that this bug would be hard to figure out who abused it is silly. The bug basically occured at VERY specific times at VERY specific places…ie during wars at certain capture points(actual physical locations in the game) at VERY specific times. This narrows things down an insane amount. being able to look behind the scenes at these specific locations and times makes finding out who abused this bug pretty easy actually…and you can remove the “i accidentally had this happen” fairly easily as well. no ones moves their screen around for the entire time it takes to capture a point in pvp…if somebody did this, they knowingly abused this bug. period.


Yep a company is doing the same thing on another server. After they did it in two wars and were called out last night their leader started banning people from his twitch. They jack the taxes everywhere and most people in chat even on their side are saying they are bailing the server.

Its sad because companies like this are the worse type of gamers and why gamers have a bad reputation. Once they destroy a server they will move onto a new server and destroy it. Hopefully the cheating and exploits were not too late and can still save some of these servers.


I think it is usually good press when a game announces it has banned cheaters and fixed issues.