Bans NEEDED for immunity exploit

Happened on our server last night right before the patch. First defensive war we lost, we lost our city we bought at launch. We have video footage and we had multiple officers report them. There needs to be something done with this or this game will die very quickly if you send the message anyone can exploit without punishment.

This was a game breaking bug, and it boggles my mind that you guys knew about this and didn’t disable wars until you could patch it. Either fix it, or you will have people leaving your game in mass.


You have incredibly bad logic and must make incredibly bad decisions in life.

If he responds to your troll we will know he makes bad decisions.

The servers are basically going to be reset to a day one situation. everything will need to be rebuilt.

But honestly, I can’t even just play and focus on my character in the mean time. I can’t craft anything or own a house (taxes), and I can’t travel anywhere because the Azoth cost is too high.

So, basically can’t play.


So you have no way to make azoth? Cant walk around the map at all?

when it costs 300 azoth to go anywhere, and it takes a bunch of time to farm that much, and its all due to an exploit and that exploit giving the entire map to one faction – I am not willing to spend double/triple/whatever the time to walk from one end of the map to the other to turn in quests. I am not willing to farm azoth for two hours so I can fast travel once.

Go ahead and be obtuse, idc.

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To me, its not the Azoth. To me, its the time + money spent on our city we owned since launch. So much player time and player money went into our city and multiple defensive wars to keep it, only to all be lost due to an exploit. Something they could have turned off until they fixed it.


The obtuse one is the one claiming he cant play when he is choosing not to. 300 azoth is obviously terrible and I woukld use that free server transfer ASAP.

They should have absolutely shut it down. I cant blame anyone who is mad about that.

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“is the one claiming they can’t play”. “yes its terrible you should leave server and abandon the friends you made and your company due to this issue”.

I am not claiming the game doesn’t work. I am claiming that the state it is in and the realities presented make playing it a proposition that is undesirable - it is better, for me, to just not play the game than struggle against all of the issues I mentioned.

Afterall, the bug exists on all servers. I cannot escape it.

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Didnt they fix that bug with todays update? Ok I didnt think about the friends and your company when I said that. In my case I joined the game knowing I was transfering servers and never joined a comopany or made friernds so I shoukld have coinsidered your situation is much different. My friends are on a different server and will bve joining them soon.

Yeah, that is the real cost and the main issue. 100% agree. Weeks of work is being undone by toxic players who have stated they are just going to delete everything in that city when they server transfer, only having taken that city via exploits.

I just wanted to point out that even if you abstain from wars and just try and play the game PvE until they fix things – you can’t afford to craft or travel anywhere. You can’t pay your taxes on your house because the taxes are pushed through the roof. So, 300 azoth to travel, or walk everywhere, and cant gather much as you go because storage is full and you cant craft/sell anything due to fees.

Basically, walking, recall to inn, and just focusing on questing are the avenues left open to you as a result of this exploit.

To me, that boils down to just playing a different game because continuing to play New World in this state is an act of masochism.

Are you from Mu? It sounds just like what happened last night.

No, they added some back end logging and made some graphical improvements to particle effects.

You can literally become invincible by putting your game in windowed mode and dragging the window around.

So, in a war, invaders rush the capture points and then just drag their window around, while they are invincible. Can’t push them off the point, can’t stop them from claiming the territory.

Game-Breaking New World Invincibility Exploit Discovered | TechRaptor

Even if you don’t exploit the wars, it is almost unplayable. The lag is generalized, players don’t even need to try lag the war.

I’m pretty sure many other things “ruined” classic wow and it for sure isn’t part of the list.

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  • Fixed an issue that caused holding and dragging around the client while in windowed mode to constantly retrigger invincibility.

from todays patch notes

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No I am not, I am on a NA-W server. I know we aren’t the only company to have this happen to them, but I wanted to add to the thread. This is a massive problem, and as an officer to my company… Our moral is at an all time low.

People have told me we just need to go win it back… But like, easier said than done. Our moral is low, no one wants to play. Exploiters are running around without punishment… How am I going to rally the troops to keep going?

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Oh missed that one, thats good then.

Dunno if that fixes the ice gauntlet and hatchet immunity bugs though - I think thats’ what some of the other notes are going after, but I don’t think they are fixed.

Same thing happened to us!

I completely agree!! This really leaves people in a hopeless situation. It’s hard to win back something you’ve lost because attacking is harder than defending in the first place. It’s disheartening, I totally understand. I think the exploiters need to be punished 100%. They brag about doing it plus video evidence!