Barataria wants you!

Hey y’all. I know there are lots of concerns around player count, having enough players to play with, etc. Which is why I wanted to invite y’all to join us on Barataria server.

Barataria server recently had a shift, where several toxic elements left. The PVP and PVE experience after their departure has been much more enjoyable since these events! That being said, the loss of players, although better for the servers culture, has still posed a challenge.

My in game character name is Caleb Winters, a member of Rock Company, a Syndicate aligned company. We are willing to embrace anyone willing to transfer and help them get situated as long as they follow one rule. “Don’t be a jerk”

I also strongly encourage Covenant and Marauder guilds to open their companies to invite new comers to our fair shores.

Come enjoy low taxes, chill folks, and an opportunity for a new start if you’re currently on one of the lower populated servers!

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