Barnacles Ice Mutation 2x Times in a Row

The week of December 13th was when Laz and Barnacles were mutated, that week Laz was Fire and Barnacles was Ice. This week while the promotions and curses have changed for each expedition, Laz’s mutation is fire, again, while Barnacles is ice, again.

I’m frustrated because I want to fix my codex for Barnacles, but since it is the tougher expedition + is the tougher elemental mutation there is little incentive to run the mutation and lobbies are not filling. Last night on Orofena, we waited over a half an hour for our lobby to fill (with advertising it) until we eventually just scrapped it. At one point, we had the only open lobby for BnB because the demand for it is so low. We were able to open a lobby for Laz and have it filled in under five minutes in comparison.

By no means am I saying the easy-shard-farm that is Laz should always have the tougher mutation, however the mutation element shouldn’t be the same as the previous time the expedition as mutated. I think if BnB had been fire + Laz had been ice this week it would have resulted in a slightly higher demand for BnB lobbies and they would be more likely to fill up.