Baroness stealing

If they have 8 Musketeers in Mountain, there only 12 players remaining so I assume you control all the outposts at that point. Leave them the baroness and take control points.

Thanks for your feedback on the Baroness! I’ll be happy to pass that on to the game team for review.

Ehm what do command post upgrades in outpost rush actually do , i know it’s some sort of a buff , but I can’t find details anywhere.

Some benefits are it let’s your team spawn on that outpost point and it gives defensive/offensive buffs.

Back when healers were “tanking 10 people” if you noticed most of those videos were in outpost rush on a point and they had a command tower up.

Not the tower , the command post small white tent you can upgrade.inside the outpost

Reduced the damage and defense on the commander tent from +5%/+7.5%/+15% to +3%/+6%/+9%.

That was in some patch notes

3 Outposts/Lanes
A jungle for additional bonuses
A Baron(ess) for a big buff

Sounds like a MOBA to me.

The point is that MOBAs are about securing objectives.

If you don’t clear the enemies from the objective, then whatever result you get is what you deserve.

Oh i see ,thanks

I partially agree with you. But, baroness has a terrain unlike any other objetive in the game. You can get sniped while investing azoth for brute, while staying on an outpost, and that is acceptable.
The issue with baroness, in my opinion, is the amount of high terrain so close to the boss.

If they stay up there to snipe a baroness, then the logical thing to do is kill the remaining enemy players and hold onto the outposts.

What are they going to do?

Snipe a full health baroness?

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no they wont,
that is indeed the right call!
The problem is that on a 20v20 (with parties of max 5 players) you can’t expect a fully coordinated team and your call(with which i agree) is most of the times ignored.
However, 4 muskte players can easily coordinate among themselves to steal all baroness in a game.
This is the issue i see, it’s too simple for one side. just that. It is not balanced difficulty wise

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for crying out loud it isnt a moba

But it does follow some of the same principles. Even if we make the smallest concession that it might be remotely inspired by MOBAs, there is a good takeaway here; clear the area before killing the boss. It’s not a solo job, so responding to people saying to clear it out with “well I can’t kill all 8 of the snipers” is pointless.

You have 19 other people on your team, communicate and get some of them to work on it. You can really tell a good OPR team roll from a bad one by how much they communicate, and how many people attack the baron with enemies in the pit.

100% agree.


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Uh huh…

That aside, objectives are objectives and they will be contested.

If you try to skip the contesting part, you get what you get.

The argument here is not :
“Do you need to contest objectives?”

Instead it’s

“Baroness favours muskets/bow teams so much it’s actually the wrong choice 80% of the games”

So you are almost always better off ignoring their biggest objective than fighting for it because in the end, commiting 8 players or 15. It’s 50/50 nonetheless.

At least comparing to the other objectives. Seems off balanced .

It shouldn’t exist. The game is not a Moba it’s an MMO. It has some moba elements but it doesn’t make it a moba. There is no counter-play to having some bows and muskets scattered on mountains to kill Baron and every single match is basically a coinflip in who gets lucky with the last-hit. There should be a damage threshold to meet in order to be even eligible. Even if you wipe 90% of the enemy team in baron pit they can still snipe the last hit.

Mobas are 5v5 game modes where baron/roshan can’t be seen unless you’re inside the pit or have a ward.

In OPR you can see Baron from 300 metres outside her pit and snipe her from there uncontested.

The people defending the sniping of Baron do so because they think it makes them look like 300iq like they’re defending some insanely high skill cap mechanic, but it’s not. It’s a literal RNG coin flip that the worst players in the game can get lucky with.


Just remove Baroness along with Brute and focus on the actual pvp-ing.

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Yeah God forbid we want to PVP without being pulled about and stunned by meatballs every 5 secs right? God forbid we want to get into the outpost without being body blocked by the baron for literally minutes right?

Before muskets got buffed mountains didn’t matter at all. And don’t tell me you could steal the baroness with your firemage back in the days that would be a blant lie! And go to the mountains and climb up is a brilliant advice. Simply ignore the 6k headshots from the musketeers and kill 'em or whoot? You can’t be serious!