Barri queue problem!

hello we are playing on barri server right now. And there is an incredible queue. please do something about this issue. the server limit is 2K and 1k people are waiting in line. At least if the token is given, for BARRI, people can switch to other servers and avoid waiting in line.

Other than that, there is a bug in lazarus. door opening stones are not pressed. And we have to leave. We tried everything but no solution.
keystones right at the head of the lazarus.


Hello, @mass7v

I hope you’re doing amazing!

I understand there’s high volume of players trying to enter Barri Server and this is causing more waiting time than expected. First of all, I’m sorry to know this is your case and I was checking with the team the possibility of another round of server transfer tokens but I’m afraid team doesn’t have plans to provide more tokens at this time. I hope you can understand, we are always open for feedback and feel free to leave your comments in our feedback category so it can be reviewed by the right team in a timely manner.

Regarding a bug in Lazarus, we really appreciate your report and thank you for trying to troubleshoot it by yourself. In this case, there’s a dedicated thread to collect these bugs. If you decided to join, please use template below so team can get as much information possible for investigation.

- What is your character name in New World:
- What server/world did you experience your issue on:
- Describe the issue you are experiencing:
- Is this a bug or an exploit:
- How did the issue effect your gameplay:
- Were you able to recover from the issue:
- Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
- What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:

I hope this helps and see you in Aeternum! :grin:

No, we don’t understand. You have allowed Barri to be saturated with new transfers when it was already high populated. And now you just throw to our face that you will NOT correct your mistake ?

What the hell !?
We have 2 hours queue on Barri just to enter the game, People got kicked while in Mutation because the server is one of the worst stable server of all, and they have to queue again…
Aren’t you a little bit professionnal enough to take our problems into consideration and try to fix the matter ?

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I’m really ashamed to be involved in such a game.

What an utter tripe laden canned response.

Here is some constructive feedback for you.

Scale the server appropriately. I’m sure Microsoft would do you a decent deal on some proper cloud infrastructure. Let’s face it though, you wouldn’t need to worry about the cashflow seeing as you have the £30+ from each of the 1000s of players queued to get on and use the product for which they have paid.

Hello @Fandaor

I hope you’re doing well!

As a player I understand your frustration of not being able to play a game you really love and I know the importance of the matter for all players in Barri server. Because I understand, feedback has been provided to the team for consideration. Once feedback is reviewed, then team will analyze all available options to improve player experience. If the current position changes after that, team will updates you all in Official News Section so please make sure you follow this category to be on top of everything New World.

To provide feedback in the future, feel free to do so via the in-game tool at your convenience.

Thank you so much for your time and see you in Aeternum!