Be careful about leaning into solo play

Maybe a little more solo content is ok but we all know the key to longevity in a persistent game like an MMO is social value. You will play the same game longer if you have friends to play it with and through the game’s social mechanics, you make new friends, which in turn gives you more reasons to stick around.

More solo play erodes that paradigm. And once you start creating solo content you get the pressure to support what you added with even more solo content. Pretty soon you will have a solo version of Tempest because it’s woven into the central story - this is not good!

The game needs to nudge people out of the solo comfort zone into more social play - it’s what keeps MMOs alive.


i completely agree. Thats what holds BDO back. It could be way way way more popular if it would have more social structure and need for such.

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I can’t agree. Game should be inclusive - there should be content for both - solo and group players. BDO has both contents and maybe it’s reason the game is so popular. You can compare number of players in both games if you want. Maybe more solo content will help to rise NW population perhaps?


This is a load of bull. The game needs just needs to be fun and have fun interactions with others. MMO != facebook. An example of solo mmo with longevity is runescape.

Solo play can lead into group play. When solo chest runs were still a thing, I would sometimes run into two flagged runs starting wars in the elite zones, and I would join if my faction was there or egg both of them on for the other factions. It was the best of times.


instigating wars isnt a social interaction in the sense we talk about. If you make solo instances for every Dungeon and the rewards are the same why would i bother playing in group anymore because solo ist mostly faster. BDO is prime example of a solo mmorpg which could be way more popular than it is,

Yes, it is. Just because I don’t end up with them on my friends list does not mean I am not interacting with them.

The issue with BDO is the pay to win and gear gambling disaster. I have never heard anyone say there was too much solo content so people couldn’t enjoy an mmo.

People play games for different reasons. I specifically play new world because I can play solo and have fun.


The content lacks challenging content you have to beat with group, you can do solo. And solo is challenging for example Myrkgard or Caminus boss hunting.
Social gameplay is crucial but it will not happen until the AI and gameplay mechanics requires one.

Sounds like a social mechanic to me!

Very true, but we’re talking about longevity of the game here.

tell me a 5 mmorpgs that have more solo than group content that are actually have a playerbase

Why don’t you give your examples? Are there even 5 mmos still alive? Most mmos died following WOW garbage, and you look like someone that loves that trash.

Here is the example I already gave. OSRS with 2006 graphics is still alive and is 99.9% solo.

and another wanabe. Jesus christ i love NW but forums is full of CENSORED theres no reason to talk to you if you dont wanna engage in an actual conversation we are not playing uno. I asked something that you cant answer thats why you try to turn it on me.

EDIT: and i wont answer anymore since it only derails the convo. f it he asked for it.

So I have to spoon feed you everything, and you can’t even come up with one example. Yeah, we need to social pressure people to play an mmo so people pay a sub that doesn’t exist. You don’t even have an argument just “ags isn’t forcing people to play with me, so how we make friends😢”

You can solo tempest now

You are the one proving me right. Where’s the 3 other games? WOW + anime WOW sure did show me. How cant I take the pressure when you need mmos just to make friends?

GIT GUD is your argument. LMAO. I can’t wait till ranked pvp comes out.

agreed +1

This is weird my Guy. Personal attacking me lmao. So iam socialy inept because i like that Games have more Group content? Bro youre the type of guy that boasts with every little cool thing he did. “Yo Kevin i crit for 9k bro i deleted him from earth” “did you see how i deleted him?” “man hes so bad lmao”

And you still failed to answer my question because you still cant. Sucks to be you :frowning:

Can we lose the insult slinging and get back to the topic?

Interested to read other views on more
Solo content.

So i feel like a middle ground can be reached which i think you also implied. I think both solo and group stuff can excist in an MMO but at the end of the day social mechanics and interactions need to be at the heart of the game. Guild Wars 2 does this and we all know that game has actually done Very very well. The entire main quest is solo but most of the content is actually group based outside of that. I think something like that may work for NW as well but they could probably lean into solo stuff a bit more simply because of the chill vibes they want to put off. I think solo dungeons work but they shouldnt give the same rewards as other group dungeons and they need to be a seperate thing all together. I know the PTR has this already and I think its actually a really cool thing so long as they dont make it the focus and overshadow the social aspects of things.

P.S. we still need a guild hall. This is a topic that seems to have vanished but we need to bring it back.