Beacon are bugged

Server: Dry Tree
Name: Amiviati

The life staff beacon dont activate the area zone when you cast it on the group, no healing area occur as in pictures below.
Just hear the spell sound effect, nothing more.

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same is with orb of proctetion it doest work at the rocks at lest for me in dry tree

Beacon does work on enemy npc and friendly players though.

Tryed beacon in town on the ground, but dosent work just this sparklight effect.

yea nice patch again i stopped using beacon after pacth

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Works on enemy or ally impact but doesn’t proc on surfaces. This better be a bug and not a stealth nerf.

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Even though I love playing healer in mmo:s, there has been so much changes to healers and they got restricted from heavy armor, so now if you wanna be a good healer, light is only way to go.
Same goes with weapons, only one weapon is healing based and ofc VG as off weapon, but that is all.

it works in gruond and where is grass but not in towns or rocks i think its buggg

yeah theres already so few healers in eu servers but i think that heavy healers was to op but the nefred it too much
and theres should be more choises for healers then rapier,ice and void

i remenber i has in mines theres was a 20-30 player pvp company in chest run and me and my friend where heavy healers with voind and two heavys dps we just destoryed them there it was so funny tho

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Confirmed this this morning. Cobblestone ground in Ebonscale - see the golden sparkly spot when Beacon lands, no area of effect. Step into where the circle SHOULD be, no healing effect.

When it hits another player, no issues.

Holding CTRL (to target self) still puts it on the ground at my feet, thus no effect.

Sacred Ground working as normal.

This needs to be fixed.

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Just another way to destroy healers smh gotta love AGS fixing things that didn’t need fixing, breaking things that didn’t need breaking AMAZING STUFF AGS!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LOOOOOL

Truth is man amazon and lots of other players dislike healers so we have no leg to stand on

Can confirm it is not triggering on certain terrain. Areas like Rock or cobbled streets like Vela in Mourning Dale. Also had no trigger next to Lazarus Shrine which is also cobbled?

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