Beasty computer with dreadful framerates

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I’m running a very beefy computer, and the FPS is in the complete bin for me. I have no idea what’s wrong with it - I do not have this issue on any other game I play. Everything I typically play is 90+ with the exception of Hell Let Loose (A game in Beta that’s still being optimised - but even this runs at 45-60FPS)

In New World, I’m receiving at the absolute most, 20FPS.
If I change to full-screen to utilise my whole monitor, it’s 9FPS.

I need assistance with this, the game is becoming unplayable for me.

CPU: Intel i7 8700K @ 4.5GHz (Watercooled)
Memory: 64GB DDR4 G-Skill 3200 MHz
GPU: ASUS RTX2080TI (Stock clock, but watercooled)
Drive: NVMe M.2 Samsung 970 EVO 2TB
Monitor: Samsung SuperUltrawide 5120x1440p
Display mode: Windowed (2560x1440p)
OS: Windows 10 x64 Pro 21H1 (May 2021)

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Greetings @Stevoyd and welcome to our Forums !!!

I am so sorry about what happen.

Did you try some of these steps already?

We are still checking some issues on the game to fix it ASAP.

Please let us know if this helps or if you need any extra assistance.

Hi there… @SirWolfe

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Uninstall GPU Drivers, and downloaded and installed cleanly the latest available driver for my card.
  • Performed all recommended optimisations for the nVidia GPU with 3D Settings
  • Tried the game in Windowed and Fullscreen modes, on different resolutions. 1080p resolutions see the FPS increase to around 40FPS, but that’s still far too low for the power I’ve got in the PC
  • Rolled out the latest May 2021 21H1 package for Windows 10 Pro.
  • Installed all chipset drivers available for my motherboard (with the exception of the BIOS Update for 30xx series nVidia cards which is a beta release anyway)
  • Power settings are all set to High Performance
  • No malware
  • Game files have just been re-validated.
  • Changing from Low (20-25FPS) to Very high (14-20FPS) shows a very minimal change in FPS which suggests something else is causing the problem beyond simply the graphics settings.
  • All temperatures are within normal ranges; even in the added summer heat.
  • Steam overlay and VR Mode has been disabled for New World.
  • Compatibility settings have been configured for the game’s executable to run in Administrator mode.

I have a DxDiag output if you want me to send you this via email or direct message.

This guy has gone all the way.

Game has not been properly tested on older hardware. Especially older intel cpus (i7 7700k) are performing terribly. Temperatures and Utilization of CPU and GPU are uneven and are leading to hardware getting damaged.

I’ve been reading forums and the instructions to the possible ‘fixes’ amazon support staff have been linking to haven’t resulted in anything. As proven by Stevoyd, gamers know how to benchmark and optimized their pcs. Amazon studios need to acknowledge that there are problems and that they are working on it. its a month before release and I’m definetly not playing the game in this sorry state

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Well I have to say, my system is certainly not low end and far above the recommended settings, and while the framerate is good (according to radeon software im pulling a 80 average , 1440p everything maxxed out) , the game feels far from smooth. it’s juddery. especially when panning or rotating the view. When walking into villages or more players pop up the framerate can really tank , even though I have a Ryzen 5 3600, 16 gb ram and a 6800 xt video card, playing from a NVME drive.

I would say the game definately needs some more love on the optimization front.

If you turn your in-game FPS counter on, what do you see? (Not the radeon overlay one)

EDIT: This is what I see…


depends on where I am. in city it’s around 45 to 70. outside its 70-90.

@SirWolfe Anything more on this? There’s a few people struggling with really poor framerates in the game - it’d be nice to be able to confirm if this is going to work on launch, otherwise I’ll simply have to request a refund until the game is fixed.

If you are in a citiy with a lot of players at the same time the CPU usage is obscene which is why it gets better once you get outside.

My CPU jumps right to the temp limit of 90°C once I enter a town, if you do that at a less busy time it won’t change.

There must be a lot of background data being processed related to other players around you.

I only have 10-20% CPU utilisation while the game is running.
My GPU usage is always at 100%, but it is in every game because my computer is set to high performance and will always use what’s available to it for the GPU.

This issue has nothing to do with that though.
I get roughly 18-20fps in the wild, and 14-18fps in cities. There’s barely any difference at all.

Occasionally, and randomly, my frames will drop to 8fps.

This only happens in this game therefore this is a bug in the game. It isn’t something that can be addressed by other forum members stating what they think is the cause of it.

Unfortunately, the game’s performance is not the best when it comes to CPU optimization. Although I’m surprised you are doing so bad with 6c/12t CPU.

I have a pretty similar spec but worse CPU, much better GPU

CPU: Intel i7 7700K @ 4.5GHz
Memory: 32GB DDR4 G-Skill 3200 MHz
Drive: NVMe M.2 Samsung 970 EVO 3x512GB raid 0
Monitor: LG C1 3840×2160@120hz with gsync
Display mode: Fullscreen (3840×2160@120hz)

In my case, I get good performance outside the town 60-100fps.
Inside a crowded town, it drops to 30-40fps.
Outside the town, it’s the GPU that’s the bottleneck, but inside it’s the CPU.

You could try two things

  • switch from windowed mode to fullscreen mode
  • enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling in windows graphics settings