Because Reporting does nothing im posting on forums

OK, since reporting does absolutely nothing. im on Amano Iwato and there’s a company here that constantly train trash/bosses on us, unflagged. they also bot constantly, they just run to stock piles in a constant 1 hour loop, we’ve started staying on their loops and killing them. Rumor on our server is they don’t understand english, but that’s no excuse for botting.

This entire company does this, luckily some of them go flagged some of them don’t so they get to watch us tea bag the dude’s we kill. and it’s no issue killing the thing they train on us, but it’s the fact they train a sword dude on the tents and wait for one of to respawn and insta kill you again. they do this almost every single fkn night. and it’s so frustrating there’s no way to combat this harassment/botting.

It’s an unfortunate situation. that the devs don’t give us any options to combat this

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