Becoming irrelevant for solo players

For starters a lot of the trade skill gear drop from bosses with so much hp its impossible to solo yet nobody is willing to help we got to join a company and discord blah blah blah. That’s just tragic. People just expect you to spend coin and buy them. We (solo players) should not have to have five or more people just get a full trade skill gearset because its just undo able solo. that’s literally blocking solo players for not playing in a group that’s not good. Neither should we be forced to buy them from the trade post when we dont want to. A solo player should have the same opportunity to get certain items as a group of players does. Its frustrating to find out trade skill gear pieces are mostly dropped in elite 5 or more player areas. With out fixes a lot of solo players will just stop playing. I like New World but im not gonna continue to play a game that blocks me from certain things because im not in a company or group.

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What part of massively multiplayer is confusing you? Might be time to load up a single player game, might be more your speed?


MMO mean a high player count online at the same time. not blocking solo player from certain gear


It means the game fundamentally tries to incensitive players to play as a group rather than solo. Hence why the mobs with the good loot are hard/impossible to do solo. Hence why the dungeons/mutations are impossible to do solo. You’re looking to play a single player game my dude


Trade skill gear doesnt have to be dropped in elite areas is all im saying. i have no problem with expeditions or dungeons atleast you can find a group with those. World tours aint a thing for no reason. Me and one of my friends ran our first world tour a while back and we both started laughing cause we knew the devs never intended for elite areas to be played like that. you have no right to disregard my concerns if you cheese elite areas. Youre so hooked on the “you wanna play a solo player game” but isnt there a title “only plays solo” or something like that? lmfao. Maybe im not the one who needs to understand the concept of MMO. Their MMO was implemented greatly up to 2000+ on one server not the biggest but they made it happen! Would anyone else like to show complete disregard for my concerns? I didn’t think it was here to be back talked because you have some. Aint that the point of this forum to express your concerns? are you mad because i dont want wanna depend on you or anyone for this matter to get trade skill gear? i asked a lot to help me farm terror of the mountain and others because theyre undoable solo no one helped so im done asking the player community. Quite frankly im not willing to spend 15 30 45 or even 60 dollars to be shown the same thing i suppport the game enough through skins decor dyes ect. Now im asking that devs change trade skill gear drops to different bosses lower hp bosses thats accessible and not dependent on other people. it aint got to be easy just not impossible! i think unhallowed soul of myrk would be a fair example and bosses around that hp. i can solo that but it isnt easy and it will kill you if you make too many mistakes.

Im solo player and if you cant bother to find 4 other ppl to do sth with them, maybe you are playing wrong type of a game?

Why is it some how my fault i cant do terror of the mountain? better question how come no one farms him wants to farm him or helps farm him? obviously he holds a vital piece of gear? Really its my fault… like im stupid enough to fight a world boss with 970k+ hp by myself! Great you could find people to help but obviously were having different server issues. im not paying $15 to switch servers for no one to help again even if i did get help id be paying $15 for one piece of gear! i know the difference between support and desperation.

Maybe you should point him to the in game group finder for open world boss farms. Oh right there isn’t one.

Maybe you should suggest he joins a boring train. Oh right they are boring, and defeat the point of playing a game entirely.

Maybe you should just admit he has a point, and that the games got some real issues. Na better to ignore the issues, and place blame elsewhere.


You dont need group finder. You should have some ppl on your friend list if you play game any longer than 100h. You can ask this ppl or on recruitment chat any time of day. Sry if you cant find ppl in game to help you how you are leaving? In partents house?

This is new world everyone on my friends list has been gone 200+ days, except one, and they only play once in a blue moon. Even my sons stopped playing.


Yea but this is different problem. Amazon cant force random players to help you doing someting they dont want waiste time on. Simple as that. Only “friend” could help u or a player that want to do it - but you have tools to find this players.

Game is rlly good when it comes to solo player options. Saying otherwise is just not fair.

Wow what a smart way to end a comment no actually im married with child i more than likely have something you dont have!

i run a company but i capped all my skills my self, i didn’t ask them to help me at all, im 200 everything. Also as they said its a mmorpg if your not willing to run with a company why would we take you boss hunting. I don’t take randoms with me when i boss, i hunt with friends or company. In mmorpgs if you choose to play solo then you massively are hurting your own game play, there not single player games.


did you buy alot of your trade skill items or just dont have them?

Strange way of saying poor game design, but sure defend it for all your worth.


i worked them, why would i buy them? what the hell, this is one of the easier games ever…

I also have all trophies and full cloths everything is solo able pretty much in this game

me wanting to help better new world for independent players. do you think marriage ends a mans life if so your not bright. not many men are as lucky as me and i respect what i have! My wife knew i had a passion for gaming when she met me good try bro! I still wake my ass up at 4 am every morning and do what i need to do to take care of my family game or not! dont worry about my wife shes taken care of thats why shes my wife and not yours

Also there only 3 things on the entire map which are kinda hard to solo and that’s the 3 different scorpions, everything else iv solo’d at one point or another, and since this is a mmorpg it shouldn’t be so easy. However it is, do ward gears and gems iv solo’d more then one commander in myrk guard, just silly to act like this game is hard or even not solo able if you want to. Called proper prep.

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go kill terror of the mountain solo id love to see that yt video. never did i say this game was hard somethings are just simply impossible by yourself i like this game its the only MMO ive played for a long time now. go back and reread infact i said i didnt want the game to be easy just not impossible! are you gonna help me farm what i need bro? another no which only proves my point!

already have when it was relevant and i did it on stream, why are you hunting year old event boss’s that effect nothing?