Been in the same que number for 30 mins?

this is a joke the que hasnt even even moved at all in 30 mins?

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I was 48th for 2.5 hours trying to log back in and I just moved to 27th. They are overloaded because there were probably far more players than anticipated. They just need time to optimize servers and queue time after this initial launch hype phase.


They are showing false numbers. You aren’t really 1511, you are 89679876


same number after 30 mins and your complaining? try 12 fucking hours

Yes that was me earlier lol. 10-11 hours to even start playing the game

at the same que ?

When i first started the game after downloading I was in queue for 10-11 hours. played for an hour, went to put the kids to bed and got disconnected for inactivity. I logged backed in to play and was 48th in queue for 2.5 hours before moving to 27th where ive been for about a half our or so.

yeah ok i though somthin was like bugged

Nah just overloaded servers probably. This happens sometimes when a new big game launches. Im sure it will get better after the initial launch hype wears down. For now, we just power through and wait lol

The game designers and amazon are bugged

going on 3.5 hours of queue time since i got kicked for inactivity. Dropped from 48th to 27th after 2.5 hours, been sitting at 27th ever since.

Stuck at 23 from 77 for 2 hours

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Yep…Im just shaking my head at the whole thing.

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That’s because the people that are asleep or not playing just set there keyboard and use a program where the same key Presses nonstop so they can never disconnect, so many players are doing it so when they go to bed and wake up there character will still be logged in and not disconnected. It’s sort of a little cheat to not ever get disconnected due to HIGH QUE TIMES.

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Yeah they do it in cutscenes too on ffxiv infinite afk

Listen carefully:

If the server has 2000 active players and you hit the queue on spot 2000, that means you have to wait for 2000 players to logout.

If the server has < 2000 active players and the queue is lower than active players + queue, you are “actually” just stuck in queue.

And here is the real thing:
If your server has a queue of 12000 players, then you just stop thinking patience will give you a chance to play on that server. That will not gonna happen.

Take chances about the free transfer, take a low populated server, even if your friends are spread now.
They will add more EU servers and you can transfer to play together.

If you didnt knew about that cap, sorry that you did wait for hours to play.

If you knew and just clunk the server with your lvl 1, that please change the server.

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