Been reporting Musket's Sticky Bomb for more than 3 months now

Not true since the PTR doesn’t have this fix, neither the ones before it. So… @Luxendra

Musket also has a shooting glitch that has been going on for 3+ month were if someone hits you just as you shoot your gun rapid fires (it doesnt do damage) and then force reloads.

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The fix is not even on PTR yet.

Why am I not surprised?



Also, still bugged in PTR 3. @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox

Whatever is causing it, it’s actually the same thing with gravity well and an elemental gem. The elemental gem portion will do only a fraction of the main portion of gravity well. I’m guessing it’s related to being a 3rd form of damage from the weapons main type (i.e. musket is thrust, sticky bomb is fire, and elemental gem adds a 3rd element, same with GA is slash, grav well is void and elemental gem adds a 3rd type)

same for firestaff and fireball now after last patch.

So we can assume that this bug exists since launch, because the Sticky Bomb is being reported AT LEAST by me on a weekly basis, and nothing is done.

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox

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They know about it, and put it on the Known Issues, last I heard they had a strike team on it but it’s a deeper issue.

The effect of the issue is these spawned slices aka objects are only using Base Damage * (Level Scaling) vs the normal Base Damage * (Level Scaling + Stat Scaling) on the elemental portion of the damage.

It must be an issue with inherting or something of the sort.

  • Using elemental gem on weapons that spawn damaging slices lowers their attack damage

hahahahahah seriously it’s just comical at this point how many bugs there are in this game. Bugs bugs bugs bugs and more bugs. Get a new team to work on this game for sure

This was Feb.

And nothing about it during the DevBlog.

This same thing happens with the blunderbuss, btw. I’ve also noticed it with gravity well from GA. The elemental part of the explosion damage does like 50% less than it should. Seems to be an issue with many abilities. Maybe anything considered a “projectile”.

my understanding is int gems are calculated different that one would think.

I believe this is why if int specced, with an int wep, slotting an int gem results in a decent flat dmg increase (as an alternative to like a diamond, or other situation wep gem).

And slotting the lowest tier int gem actually results in more dmg then using
the highest tier int gem in the same wep/setup. not a ton more but more.

I also heard that technically it isnt a bug, but just how it calcs.

Understood what you are saying, but the calculation result is indeed a bug.

Still happening and it happens on blunderbuss aswell

yea they know about the problem so no idea why they would do that with the blunder buss. More so because it’s int based so you expect int users to make use of the conversion gems.

Indeed, it makes Blunderbuss almost unplayable.

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